Free Fire OB41 All New Features Guide

Free Fire OB41

Players may now test out upcoming and unpublished features on the Free Fire OB41 Advance Server before the update’s debut. 

The redesigned profile area, the introduction of the new Suzy character and her ability called Money Mark, and numerous ability changes for current characters are some of the standout improvements.

UI Changes

One of the most notable updates of the Free Fire OB41 Advance Server is the profile section’s new user interface, which has a clearer style, a better way to show titles and achievements, and the opportunity to examine recent visitors. 

Players may also express their gratitude to other users by giving them a thumbs-up on their accounts.

Redesign of the Store

Significant updates to the store area include a better menu design and more transparent representations of the products that may be bought there.

New character – Suzy

The ability known as “Money Mark,” which places a bounty on any enemies who are marked, is made available by the new Suzy character.

The player and teammates receive an extra 100 in-game coins for taking out these targets.

Reworks of character abilities

The abilities of many characters have also been changed. For instance, Antonio’s ability, which formerly gave 40 more HP, now gives 40 more Shield Points at the beginning of the battle. 

Nairi’s ability now gives deployed Gloo Walls 250 durability per second in addition to 20 HP per second of teammate healing within a 5 m radius, with a ceiling of 40 HP per teammate per Gloo Wall.

When utilizing an active skill, Shani’s ability Gear Recycle now gives 50 Shield Points to the user and any teammates within 10 meters, however, the Shield Points expire after 5 seconds. 

Damage Delivered, Shirou’s ability, no longer provides extra damage but instead marks enemies within 100 meters for six seconds, revealing their position with teammates, up to a maximum of four markings.

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