Free Fire OB43: New Character Ryden Released – Full Details & Guide To Unlock

Free Fire OB43 Ryder

The eagerly awaited Free Fire OB43 update has finally been released by Garena, bringing with it a slew of new features including Chaos events and Ryder the character. 

Since the debut of the Advanced Server, this update has kept everyone alert. While the others had to wait for the final patch release, certain fortunate players were able to experience its new features.

The more recent additions to the title brought forth by the Free Fire OB43 update include character ability reworks for Sonia, Santino, and Orion, character balance adjustments for Ignis, Homer, Tatsuya, Antonio, Chrono, and Wukong, new Chaos-themed events, combat trait, changes in maps, combat feedback optimization, vehicle optimization in Battle Royale mode, and more.

Free Fire OB43 Ryder

The Free Fire OB43 update has now gone live, bringing Ryder, a brand-new character that you might be wondering how to get.

  • Ryder may be obtained via meeting the specified challenges within a set amount of time, in contrast to other characters who can be purchased with FF Gold from the in-game store.
  • Navigate to “Game updates” from the in-game event area after you’ve unlocked the character. You’ll find the challenges that need to be finished before January 30, 2024, highlighted in the “Free New Character” section.
  • While you may lend the Ryder character for seven days by playing 16 matches in BR, CS, or LW mode, you can unlock it by playing 40 in any of those modes.

The creator claims that Ryden is a 16-year-old creative genius whose intelligence surpasses that of his contemporaries. 

Your hunt for booyah might be substantially aided by his inventive devices. With his 30-second Spider Trap talent, Ryder may launch an explosive spider in the direction of his victim.

The spider attacks the first enemy it comes into contact with within five meters, slowing it down by 80% and causing it to bleed for three seconds while absorbing 10 HP per second. 

After the spider is ejected, it will stop moving if you press the skill button once more in ten seconds. Additionally, Ryder’s Spider Trap talent has a 75-second cooldown.

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