GodLike Esports Bags Second Place In COD Mobile World Championship

GodLike Esports

GodLike Esports, an Indian team, finished second in the COD Mobile World Championship 2023, which took place in Atlanta, Georgia, on December 17. An Indian team placed second in the World Championship event for the first time ever. 

A number of COD Mobile community members expressed gratitude to GodLike Esports for their success in the competition. 

This was the first time that an Indian team’s outstanding results in esports competitions brought them international prominence. The $170,000 second prize has been given to the team. 

China’s Wolves went unbeaten in the COD Mobile World Championship and decisively emerged victorious. They defeated GodLike Esports 4-2 in a thrilling match at the Finale. The top reward of $400,000 went to the Chinese team.

GodLike Esports In COD Mobile World Championship 2023

The Indian team’s journey began in a dismal manner as they were defeated by Indonesia’s Kagendra in the Swiss Stage. But the team made a swift return, taking down KingsClan on the next turn. 

They won their second straight game by keeping up their increased speed against Team Exclusive.

In their pivotal matchup against TLE Esports, GodLike Esports won thanks to an incredible performance. The team qualified for the playoffs with three victories and one defeat.

GodLike’s quarterfinal matchup was against Stand Point Gaming of China. They won 3-0 and advanced to the semifinals after dominating this match.

The team then faced off against the world’s best team, Luminosity Gaming. There was exciting activity during the game between these two squads. GodLike ultimately stunned both their rival and global spectators, securing their place in the World Championship Grand Finals.

Wolves also advanced to the Grand Finals. They took the second turn after losing the first one to GodLike. 

The formidable Chinese team lost the third round. They made a tremendous comeback, displaying their skills to win the two next rounds and the championship.

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