Gods Reign Set To Reveal A New BGMI Roster: Check Details

Gods Reign BGMI

Esports organisations in India have quite some time to try out and test their new rosters before finalising them, since Krafton has not yet revealed the precise date of BGMI’s return. 

Since Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been officially confirmed to be returning, esports organisations who were left without any competitions are now girding themselves to restart full-scale activities. 

A well-known esports organisation in India, Gods Reign, has recently revealed a new BGMI lineup, which was said to include the whole TSM team. 

Gods Reign has not yet endorsed these assertions.

Official announcement

Gods Reign revealed this via a post on their social media accounts. It read, “Today is a Big day for the Indian esports ecosystem. 

We are excited to see what the most awaited game has in store for us! Roster announcement soon, stay tuned.”. The date of the roster announcement has not yet been made public.

This occurs as the Los Angeles-based esports organisation considers major layoffs across the board after its $210 million USD naming rights agreement fell through when FTX crashed in the cryptocurrency market. 

There have been rumours that TSM is contemplating stopping operations across a number of titles, maybe including the BGMI lineup, which has been dormant for the duration of the ban.

In addition, several members of the community think that the team departed the US organisation a few weeks ago. 

Gods Reign’s new BGMI roster

Aquanox, Blaze, and Ninjajod are among the players presently in discussions. Ninjajod had a strong start to 2021 by finishing second in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 and taking home the Nodwin x Loco All Stars Invitational. 

Prior to the BGMI ban in India, TSM’s record took a hit as they placed last in two straight recognised events. 

The roster was also without an IGL due to Shadow’s withdrawal from the lineup. According to reports, the in-game leader position in the new Gods Reign roster will be filled by Robin, a previous teammate of these players with whom they have a long history.

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