S8UL Esports Reveals Strategy For A Dedicated Boot Camp as BGMI Returns

S8UL Esports

S8UL Esports is a prominent Indian esports and gaming organisation. 

They are now establishing a new boot camp, particularly for their Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) squad. This is in anticipation of the game’s much-anticipated comeback. 

The organisation has already made a large investment in its cutting-edge gaming space, the S8UL Gaming House. It is recognised for hosting successful esports athletes, developers, and broadcasters.

When the BGMI lineup returns and the present boot camp is no longer adequate, S8UL aims to create a new boot camp particularly for that lineup.

Thug on BGMI Bootcamp

S8UL Esports co-founder Animesh “Thug” Agrawal discussed his intentions for the BGMI players during livestreams. 

He revealed the company’s aim to establish an additional boot camp. Thug suggested that it could be possible to reserve a flat only for the BGMI players, providing them with a relaxing setting in which to train and broadcast their gaming.

He said, “Right now, the Pokemon Unite players have all gone back home, and if the game (BGMI) comes back, then we will be making another boot camp for them. We might get them a flat, especially for the BGMI players.” 

Goldy on S8UL’s plans

During a different broadcast, Lokesh “Goldy” Jain, another co-founder of S8UL Esports, reiterated Thug’s remark. 

However, he noted that the bootcamp would be somewhat smaller.  He said, “I won’t be of the same scale of S8UL Gaming House 2.0. It would be flat where BGMI players will be set up with there streaming set-up to make them comfortable.”

A new boot camp has been requested by both Thug and Goldy, according to Sid “Sid” Joshi, manager of S8UL Esports. 

He stated this during a livestream. This suggests that the present capacity at S8UL Gaming House 2.0 may not be enough for their expansion goals.

Fans are anxiously awaiting the formal roster release and other information on the new boot camp, although it is yet unclear what exciting plans S8UL has for when BGMI returns.

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