Gyan Gaming Free Fire ID, Stats, Social Media, Real Name

Gyan Gaming

Known for his in-game persona Gyan Sujan, Gyan Gaming is without a doubt one of the most well-liked Free Fire content creators in India. He has more than 3.8 Million Instagram followers.

Sujan Mistri is the true identity of Gyan Gaming, and his Free Fire ID is 70393167. He goes as GyanGaming in-game.

Gyan Gaming Battle Royale Stats

Gyan Gaming has participated in 23098 squad mode games in Free Fire and won 7868 of them and top 3 in 11471. With 93309 enemies vanquished, he has kept his K/D ratio excellent at 6.13.

In terms of duo battles, he has around 6270 kills and 519 Booyahs from 2282 games. With a remarkable K/D ratio of 3.56, the YouTuber has consistently maintained a top 5 rate of 43.30%.

In addition, he has played 1519 solo games, going 163 matches without losing and top 10 in 531 matches. The streamer has accumulated 2498 kills with a respectable 1.84 K/D ratio.

Gyan Gaming Clash Squad Stats

Gyan Gaming has played 5003 matches in the Clash Squad mode. In these, he has won in 3052 matches. He has amassed 21547 eliminations which is incredibly impressive. 

His KDA in this mode is 1.56. He has also garnered an astounding 9917 headshots with a headshot rate of 46.02%

Social media

Gyan Sujan began uploading videos on YouTube since 2017. On his channel, he has posted 3511 videos in total since then. After making videos for various games in the past, he moved to Garena Free Fire. He currently counts over 1.5 crore subscribers and over 2,40,82,47,110 cumulative views.

Gyan Gaming is also on Facebook and Instagram. His Instagram handle is @gyangaming and his Facebook name is Gyan Gaming.

Fans of Gyan Gaming can follow him on his social media to get to know his latest updates.

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