How To Buy CS:GO Paris Major Viewer Pass, All Details, Price

CS:GO Paris Major Viewer Pass

The Viewer Pass and the new Sticker Capsules have been released and have thrilled the whole Counter-Strike community. 

The Viewer Pass for the forthcoming Paris Major 2023 has officially been made available by CS:GO. 

Exclusive access to a range of benefits and is guaranteed for purchasers of the Viewer Pass. 

With its aid, Counter-Strike fans may cheer for their preferred teams and take part in activities like the Major Pick’Em Challenge.

The Paris Major will mark the conclusion of CS:GO’s esports. The release of Counter-Strike 2 will open the door for more lucrative competitions in the future.

CS:GO Paris Major Viewer Pass

Players who purchase the CS:GO Paris Major Viewer Pass have authorised, limited access to the following:

  • An upgradeable Event Coin
  • Souvenir Packages
  • The Major Pick’Em Challenge
  • Unlimited team graffiti for the duration of the Major
  • Steam chat flair for the duration of the Major.

This in-game commodity may be used by fans to redeem Souvenir Packages, graffiti from their preferred teams, and much more.

CS:GO Paris Major Viewer Pass Price

Players may purchase one of the following two types of passes:

  • Paris 2023 Viewer Pass
  • Paris 2023 Viewer Pass + 3 Souvenir Tokens

Both passes provide the same benefits. However, the latter gives its customers three more Souvenir Tokens. 

When the Paris Major debuts, participants may use these tokens to instantly redeem Souvenir Packages.

The cost of the Paris 2023 Viewer Pass is $10 USD (INR 795). The cost of the Paris 2023 Viewer Pass + 3 Souvenir Tokens is $18 USD (INR1430).

How to purchase the Viewer Pass

CS:GO Majors Viewers Passes may be purchased in-game. From the in-game menu, players can also purchase the sticker collection directly. 

It may be found in the store’s news section under a  tab called “Paris 2023.” The ‘Paris 2023 Viewer Pass’ and ‘Paris 2023 Viewer Pass + 3 Souvenir Tokens’ may both be bought from the tab.

Players can also make the purchase through the Steam shop. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive store page may be accessed by players, and they can purchase the game there.

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