How To Find Suspicious Sand In Minecraft

Minecraft Suspicious Sand

The sand blocks that appear within certain buildings in the desert biome of the overworld of Minecraft as well as in the warm ocean ruins are known as suspicious sand. 

It is a component of the new archaeology features that the Minecraft 1.20 update introduced to the game. 

Sand and suspicious sand have a very similar appearance, however suspicious sand has a significantly grainier texture. 

You can properly identify the two merely by looking at them, albeit it could take some time.

Both kinds of sand blocks are gravity-affected blocks in terms of characteristics and need another block underneath them. 

The suspicious sand is also more fragile than conventional sand blocks, breaking on falling as opposed to the latter, which just takes a new location. 

Unique loot may be found within suspicious sand, unlike conventional blocks. To remove the block’s dust and acquire the loot item, you must use a brush. However, doing so will in turn destroy the primary block.

Where to Find Suspicious Sand in Minecraft

In the Minecraft game, you can encounter suspicious sand at the following places:

  • Inside Desert Temples
  • Inside Desert Wells
  • Inside or around Warm Ocean Ruins

One of the many incredible structures that spawn around Minecraft’s overworld are desert temples. 

They are fantastic for both establishing bases and grabbing some uncommon loot. You should examine the sand blocks within the Desert Temple and begin digging them out until you find one that seems like a suspicious sand block. 

These suspicious sand blocks often appear in the interior spaces of temples.

The desert wells will be your best bet if you’re looking for a dependable technique to locate suspicious sand in Minecraft. 

They are tiny constructions that appear at random across the desert landscape and only drop water as loot. The reward is however is hidden under the water.

Therefore, all that is required is to dry the water, either with the use of a sponge or by laying and breaking blocks on top of it. 

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