How To Get Woodpecker Jam Sessions Skin In Free Fire

Free Fire MAX

In late January 2024, Free Fire will launch a new legendary gun skin known as the Woodpecker Jam Sessions as part of their next weapon royale event. 

On January 24, this musical-themed skin with an eye-catching purple pattern will be made available for Free Fire MAX’s Indian servers along with the OB43 update. 

You can find out more about its pricing, draw mechanism, and other topics in this post.

Free Fire Woodpecker Jam Sessions Skin

Compared to regular weapons, the Woodpecker Jam Sessions gun skin has improved features. Although accuracy is slightly reduced, the weapon’s range and magazine capacity are increased. 

All things considered, these enhanced numbers ought to provide gamers a benefit and enhance the fashionable look of the skin.

Players must take part in the weapon royale event with a random weapon in order to get the Woodpecker Jam Sessions skin. 

There are bundles available with discounts, and each spin costs 40 diamonds. A 10+1 spin bundle, for instance, costs 400 diamonds in total. 

In addition, players can use weapon royale tokens they’ve accrued from past tournaments; they can use one voucher every spin.

Because the weapon royale system is based on luck, winning the big prize Woodpecker skin need a good dose of luck. 

In Free Fire MAX, players have “luck quotients” that determine their chances of finding uncommon things like this skin. However, each spin is a gamble, so be ready to spend a sizable amount of money in the hopes of winning.

Experts estimate that in addition to the weapon skin, there may be minor prizes such as an emote named “Tea Time” accessible.

The Woodpecker Jam Sessions gun, though, will definitely be the star of the show. It is expected to become one of the most sought-after Free Fire MAX rewards in early 2024 because of its elegant finish and improved stats. 

Gamers who can’t wait should begin accumulating diamonds in preparation for January 24.

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