League Of Legends Bee Skins: All You Need To Know

League of Legends

There are plenty of skins in League of Legends, which is regularly updated by Riot Games with new skins and cosmetics. 

The Bee skins are by far among the most amusing skin sets Riot Games has released, even if there are skin lines that are also widely popular. 

Currently, the entire League of Legends player base enjoys this skin. There are nine different Bee skins in League of Legends, all of them are quite attractive.

You can find more information on the League of Legends Bee Skins here below.

League of Legends Bee Skins

League of Legends’ Bees skins are a collection of future- or alternate-universe skins. In the universe shown in the collection, champions might be bees, people who dress like bees, or beekeepers. 

Beekeeper Singed (1350 RP), the first skin released under this theme, is still the sole Beekeeper champion in the collection.

According to Beekeeper Singed’s biography, Singed initially had second thoughts about wanting to become a master beekeeper. 

But as soon as he put on the safety gear, he realised his fate. He may now be seen taking care of his hives, munching honey, or flipping any unfortunate bystanders who stop to admire his work, says Riot Games.

The collection includes the champions that seem to be bees. The champions included in the League of Legends Bee skins are listed below, along with their names:

  • Heimerdinger: Heimerstinger (1350 RP)
  • Kog’Maw: Bee’Maw (1350 RP)
  • Malzahar: Beezahar (1350 RP)
  • Nunu & Willump: Beezahar (1350 RP)
  • Orianna: Orbeeanna (1350 RP)
  • Teemo: Beemo (1350 RP)
  • Yuumi: Yuubee (1350 RP)
  • Ziggs: BZZZiggs (1350 RP)

A significant fundraising drive for the humanitarian operations in the Russo-Ukrainian War included the Bee skins. 

Riot Games said that its charitable player base helped them collect a total of $5.4 Million USD to assist humanitarian initiatives in Eastern Europe. 

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