League Of Legends: LCS Will Return On June 14 After Agreement Between LCSPA & Riot Games

LCS Player Association

The LCS Summer Split will resume on June 14 after a short hiatus. The LCS Players Association (LCSPA) and Riot Games, the LCS’s organisers, came to an agreement that led to the release of this information.

Owing to an unprecedented walkout protest organised by LCS players, the LCS first delayed the start of the Summer Split by two weeks.

LCS Players Walkout

The walkout occurred in protest of Riot Games’ decision to eliminate the need that LCS organisations enter teams in the NACL, which serves as the LCS’ feeder league. 

The lack of information and discussion before enacting this adjustment raised complaints among the players. 

Riot Games chose to postpone the start of the Summer Split in reaction to the protest in order to take up the concerns of the players and have talks with the LCSPA.

An Agreement Has Been Reached

An understanding has been achieved on a number of significant concerns after conversations between the LCS, LCSPA, and a player representative nominated by the LCS teams. 

The changes include a new NACL model that divides funds between the event organiser and participating teams in an effort to promote long-term viability. 

Along with the enhancements to the NACL ecosystem, agreements were reached on the LCS, LCSPA, and team working practises, scrim schedule optimisation, reinforcement of the healthcare insurance requirements for international players, and minimum 30-day notice and severance requirements for non-resident LCS players.

The Global Head of LoL Esports at Riot Games, Naz Aletaha, thanked the LCS teams, players, and fans for their patience during the negotiating process in a recent blog post. 

She emphasised the dedication to creating a sustainable ecology as well as the common objectives for the future of the LCS and NACL.

Fans can now anticipate watching entertaining games and cheering for their favourite teams on the LCS stage as the Summer Split gets underway. 

On Wednesday, June 14, there will be an additional game day to kick off the LCS’s first week.

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