League Of Legends: Mythic Items To Be Removed

League of Legends Mythic Items

Pu Lui, the game director for League of Legends, recently discussed the ranked and other system adjustments as well as the impending preseason modifications. 

The revamp of League of Legends’ Mythic goods is the largest change that will affect players.

Pu “Pupulasers” Liu, the League of Legends game director, said that the system was too challenging and was unable to satisfy the needs of different champions from different classes. 

He thus said, “Starting in January 2024, Mythic items will be removed from League of Legends.”

Removal of League of Legends Mythic Items

League of Legends Mythic Items

One of the game’s most contentious features, with many players holding opposing views, is the Mythic items system. 

This was previously recognized by Riot Games, who made many tweaks to see how the League of Legends Mythic items were received. 

The disputed Mythic items have been completely removed from the game system, according to Riot Games.

The developer said earlier this year that they would take into consideration eliminating Mythic items if its execution isn’t up to grade. 

Riot Games is formally aiming to do so by January 2024 since they have now determined that these adjustments won’t help them get what they seek.

Pupulasers said:

“Trying to serve the needs of a bunch of different champions in a class with a few Mythic items has proven to be really challenging, and while it works pretty well for about half the roster, the other half is left with items that don’t feel really right for them or have their creativity stifled.”

“While the Mythic item tier will be removed, we will be adjusting current Mythic items that players really like to be exciting options rather than prescriptive centerpieces. So that means you can go back to buying Infinity Edge with Trinity Force if you’d like,” he added.

Riot Games said that all of the preseason adjustments will be fully revealed very soon, and there will be a thorough section for each item.

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