LEC 2023 Summer Split Details, Schedule, How To Watch Live

LEC 2023 Summer Split

Teams from all across the world are getting ready for the crucial League of Legends Summer Split. 

North America (NA) and EMEA [Europe, Middle East & Africa] will shortly begin their splits, with the Korean and Chinese leagues having already begun their respective Summer seasons. 

Accordingly, the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) is set to start on June 17.

The LEC experienced significant format modifications at the beginning of the year, starting the competitive season with a Winter Split and concluding it with the customary Spring and Summer Splits.

LEC 2023 Summer Split

The third split of the recently united EMEA League of Legends system is called the LEC 2023 Summer Split. 

The LEC is in its fifth season and the first one with the new format. There are three distinct phases in the Summer split. 

All 10 teams will compete in a best-of-one (BO1), single round-robin format during Stage 1. The top eight teams will go to tournament 2, a double-elimination group tournament. 

The top four will advance to Stage 3, the double-elimination playoffs, from here. Best-of-three and best-of-five formats will be used in Stages 2 and 3, respectively.

LEC 2023 Summer Split Format

Regular Season – Stage 1

  • 10 teams participate
  • Single Round Robin
  • Matches are best-of-one
  • Top eight teams advance to Summer Groups

Groups – Stage 2

  • Eight teams participate
  • Teams will be split into two groups of four
  • Double-elimination bracket
  • Matches are best-of-three (BO3)
  • Top two of each group advance to Stage 3

Playoffs – Stage 3

  • Four teams participate
  • Double-elimination bracket
  • Matches are best-of-five (BO5)

Schedule for LEC’s Summer Split

League of Legends activity will be fierce throughout the 2023 LEC Summer Split, which begins on June 17th. Teams will compete in the first stage of this season for a total of three weeks, playing three games each week. Who moves on to Stage 2 after the three weeks will be determined by the rankings.

LEC 2023 Summer Split Week 1

17th June

  • MAD vs VIT – 6.00 pm
  • TH vs SK – 7.00 pm
  • KOI vs XL – 8.00 pm
  • G2 vs BDS – 9.00 pm
  • FNC vs AST – 10.00 pm

18th June

  • VIT vs SK – 6.00 pm
  • XL vs FNC – 7.00 pm
  • MAD vs G2 – 8.00 pm
  • KOI vs BDS – 9.00 pm
  • TH vs AST – 10.00 pm

19th June

  • XL vs SK – 6.00 pm
  • BDS vs AST – 7.00 pm
  • KOI vs MAD – 8.00 pm
  • FNC vs G2 – 9.00 pm
  • VIT vs TH – 10.00 pm

Once the league begins play on June 17th, 2023, fans may watch the LEC 2023 Summer Split live on the official LEC channel on Twitch. 

On the LoL Esports VODs and Highlights channel, you may watch the matches as video on demand content as well.

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