Minecraft 1.20 Guide To Find Totem Of Undying

Minecraft Totem of Undying

The Totem of Undying is a very helpful item in Minecraft that gives you another shot at life. Additionally, it will provide you a moment of regeneration so you may regain some health.

The Totem of Undying is very useful, but finding one might be challenging given that you cannot generally craft them. 

It is an item that was included in update 1.11 and if you hold it while taking fatal damage, you’ll be restored with 1 HP and get the Regeneration II boost for 40 seconds. 

Additionally, you’ll get Absorption II for 5 seconds. These may be located in two locations, and finding them is not difficult.

There are two ways to get this helpful item in Minecraft, depending on whether you want to deal with raids or not. 

Having a few Totems of Undying handy is not a terrible idea if you want to explore the game’s most challenging, deep areas.

How to find the Totem of Undying in Minecraft

Evoker mobs in the Minecraft game drop the Totem of Undying, although they are very hard to come by. 

Depending on the level of difficulty you wish to play the game at, there are two different methods to locate these specific enemies. They may be located in specific places if you’re playing on Normal.

Evokers may be discovered in Dark Forest biomes’ Woodland Mansions. They don’t always spawn, but if you manage to kill them, they do drop the Totem of Undying. 

Arm your preferred sword, pursue them, and hit them until they are defeated.

The Evoker itself must be located; the totem has a 100% drop rate. A Dark Forest biome Mansion Evoker, on the other hand, will not respawn after being defeated. 

Remember that because you’ll need to locate a different Mansion to get a new totem as your reward.

Consider participating in a raid if you can’t seem to locate an Evoker in Minecraft. You must be on Hard difficulty, however. You need the Bad Omen status ailment and a village to do this. 

Kill a patrol or outpost captain if you desire this debuff; your tamed wolf can also complete the kill, but no other pet can.

Raids will include five Evokers, making them an excellent opportunity to harvest Totems of the Undying, but keep in mind that because you’re playing on high level, things will be tougher. 

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