Minecraft 1.20: Tips To Boost FPS Easily


While playing Minecraft, some players may face issues with their FPS. The game can at times be quite heavy on certain devices.

The reasons for a low FPS are many. It could be due to hardware concerns. You could have trouble getting a high frame rate if your computer or device doesn’t satisfy the minimal system requirements for Minecraft. 

If your computer is running too many applications or processes, Minecraft may not operate as smoothly. 

Additionally, if your graphics settings are too high, your computer’s resources may be strained and your frame rate may suffer. 

Let’s look at some methods to increase your FPS in Minecraft now that you are aware of the potential causes of low FPS in Minecraft 1.20.

Graphics settings

Players may alter the default graphics settings in addition to the render distance. This will alter the quality of things like light, shadow, and texture. 

Additionally, this can slightly increase FPS. To make the game more fluid, players may also lower the amount of particles released into the world. 

These more precise video settings may have a considerably more significant impact.


The usage of mods in the game of Minecraft is quite flexible for players. But not all mods add a lot of new content; some just make the game operate more smoothly. 

One such mod for Minecraft is Optifine. The most well-known graphics performance mod for Minecraft 1.20, according to players, is Optifine. 

It has a long history as a mod and has been shown to boost FPS. This mod renders key portions of the game as well as a secret video setting that users may modify. The features this mod contains are listed below:

  • Dynamic lighting
  • Custom sky and fog
  • HD textures and fonts
  • Shaders support
  • Antialiasing and anisotropic filtering
  • Smooth FPS and chunk loading
  • Fast math and render regions

Update drivers

Drivers act as software that enables communication between your operating system, applications, and your hardware, including the CPU, GPU, and motherboard. 

Performance issues and game errors, like those in Minecraft, might be brought on by outdated or incompatible drivers.

It’s essential to regularly update your drivers using the software or website offered by your hardware manufacturer if you want to improve FPS in Minecraft 1.20. 

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