Minecraft 1.20 Trails And Tales Update Release Date Revealed; Check Here

Minecraft 1.20

The Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update finally has a release date, as announced by Mojang. 

The newest version of Minecraft will have an abundance of brand-new elements, including biomes, structures, blocks, items, and mobs. 

It was first revealed in October 2022, along with a few features that were prepared for the update.

All the features that will be included in the update were gradually revealed by Mojang. As the months passed, the player base learned about additional blocks, items, and other things. 

The developer is now almost done with this upgrade and has set a release date as a result. 

Minecraft 1.20 Trails And Tales update

An overview of all the 1.20 update‘s new features was just posted on the game’s official YouTube channel. Along with this, some information on Mojang’s next game, Minecraft Legends was also posted. 

Agnes Larsson, the game director at Mojang, ultimately acknowledged at the conclusion of the video that there were various hints regarding the next update’s release date scattered throughout this month’s episode.

She ultimately gave the release date away without keeping the audience in suspense any longer. 

On June 7, 2023, the Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update will be made available. Players will be able to download the update and explore and engage with all of its new features in two weeks.

Owing to the fact that Mojang had concluded the snapshot phase of the update and had moved into the pre-release phase, many gamers assumed that the update would arrive sometime in June. 

They simply needed to concentrate on a few minor things since all the key aspects were finished and ready.

The update will go into its final step after the pre-release phase, when Mojang will make available a few release candidates to determine which one is most suitable for a public release.

Players may quickly update the game and try out all the new features when the update is released.

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