Minecraft 1.21 Update New Paintings Guide


The Minecraft developers included a new weapon, a breeze structure, and even a Potato dimension—which gave the deadly potato a purpose—as an April Fool’s joke.

Players have asked Mojang Studios to add new paintings, which is another request. Mojang Studios has finally included five new artworks for the 1.21 update, after years of utilizing the same artwork in the game. 

Thus, the game is getting visual modifications in addition to functional and technological changes.

Painting the base is one of the easiest ways to give it a homey feel in Minecraft. Making the artwork is really easy because it just requires a few supplies. 

There are now five additional unique paintings in the game, which originally included 26 randomly generated ones.

New Paintings In Minecraft

All paintings have titles, and the five that were just added are:

  • Humble
  • Meditative
  • Prairie Ride
  • Unpacked
  • Baroque

These paintings are the work of Mojang Studios artist Sarah Boeving. She’s previously created some incredible digital art. This phenomena is rather interesting. 

In one of the recently added paintings, two peasants are seen standing near to each other, with their cottage visible in the background. This is a reference to the well-known film American Gothic by Grant Wood.

The game has already made allusions to well-known items. Many of the game’s images are allusions to history or popular culture, much like easter eggs. For example, the painting “Donkey Kong” references the well-known Nintendo game.

Another painting called “Wanderer” has a connection to the well-known Caspar David Friedrich photograph “Wanderer by the Sea of Fog”.

Another painting that has been added to the game shows a cake, a sunflower, and a beautiful pot all arranged on the table. The genre of painting known as “Still Life” includes similar motifs, and many classical works of art have them.

Together with bug fixes and technological modifications, the next experimental features in Minecraft have also been enhanced. The new artwork is part of this. 

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