Minecraft Cherry Blossom Biome: All You Need To Know

Minecraft Cherry Blossom

The Cherry Blossom Biome was included in 1.20 update for Minecraft this year. The new biome is now available in the game. 

White and pink cherry trees make up the forests that comprise the Cherry Blossom Groves. The new biome’s trees are thoughtfully positioned, and the valley has space for flowers like daffodils, peonies, and lilacs. 

Sheep, pigs, and bees are among the mobs that may be found in the biome. The cherry tree may be broken to create a complete wood set and the new hanging sign that is also included in Minecraft 1.20

In the biome, you can also locate cherry tree saplings that you may plant anywhere you choose. 

Cherry Blossom Groves’ sub-biome of bamboo groves has more bamboo plants than cherry trees. They are a little less common than the regular biome. 

Minecraft Cherry Blossom Grove Biome 

The biome IDs for the Cherry Blossom Grove are as follows:



Biome ID Number: 50 (1.16.20 )

Beginning with cherry trees, the new biome will feature a distinctive assortment of vegetation. They will be made of cherry leaves and cherry wood logs. 

They will resemble standard oak trees in size and form but will have more horizontal branching in contrast. But unlike acacia trees, they won’t have as many horizontal branches.

Common mobs including sheep, pigs, rabbits, and bees spawn here when it comes to mobs. Despite being a lovely biome, any hostile or neutral mob may still spawn there. 

Therefore, players must use caution at night.

A brand-new wood set called cherry wood allows players to create practically all common wooden blocks, including planks, staircases, slabs, doors, buttons, etc.

The grass blocks within the biome will additionally grow pink flowers on top of them. Merely breaking these blocks with anything will yield them.

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