Minecraft Enchant Command: Full Guide


Enchanting in Minecraft is basically the process of adding magical upgrades to armour, weapons, and tools to make them more powerful. 

Even if you must use an enchanting table or enchanted books on an anvil to apply enchantments in survival mode, you can do it rather simply if you have access to commands. 

This short tutorial will show you how to use the enchant command in Minecraft 1.20.

How to use the enchant command in Minecraft

Since using commands requires having cheats enabled in your world, you must first check that they are enabled. 

You must activate your world by connecting it to LAN if it has previously been built without the use of cheats.

The game must then be paused before you enter the world.

Prior to clicking Start, choose the ‘Open to LAN’ option and turn on the cheats. You’ll be able to employ commands in an old world thanks to this. 

Simply allow cheats before generating the world if you’re making a new one.

You must be aware that the enchant command is applicable to any player. Next, confirm that a player is in possession of an enchantable object.

Enter the ‘/enchant’ command, followed by the player’s username for whom you wish to cast the enchantment. 

The game offers a wide variety of enchantments, and you may choose one and then determine the level of it.

Keep in mind that for the command to be effective, you must be holding the item when you issue it. 

When the command is correctly carried out, the item will be enchanted, and a notice will indicate that the procedure is finished.

Using the enchant command might result in a few different problems. One of them may be that a certain item cannot be enchanted at all. 

The game recognizes that not all items can have enchantments, thus it will prompt you to have an enchantable item in your hand.

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