Minecraft Guide: How To Kill The Ender Dragon

Minecraft Ender Dragon

In Minecraft, defeating the Ender Dragon is a challenging task. Thus, players will need to put some effort into achieving it. 

To easily defend against and fight the Ender Dragon, the players should be equipped with the appropriate armor and weapons. 

Players will gain a massive amount of XP and a Dragon egg after defeating the Ender Dragon in the Minecraft game

As a prize for defeating the largest beast in Minecraft, the player may keep this dragon egg and display it in their home or other structures.

Here’s how to defeat the Ender Dragon.

Steps to defeat the Ender Dragon

The slow-falling potion should be used first before facing the Ender Dragon. This is to protect the players from any harm the dragon’s launch strike may do. 

The benefits of this potion are very transitory, therefore they will need to keep renewing it every four minutes.

The fire ball assault is another attack that players need to be on the lookout for. Throughout the entire battle, the player will be targeted by fire ball attacks. 

After shattering all the End Crystals, the player can then move on to killing the Ender Dragon. 

Minecraft players should go for attacking the dragon’s tail. This can be done when he comes because it only follows one trajectory and doesn’t actually follow the player. This attack is simple to avoid. 

Players should move a few boxes away as soon as they hear the Ender Dragon spitting fire in order to avoid this assault.

The players must first destroy the End Crystals that are located on top of the Obsidian Towers in order to defeat it. 

Iron cages are the first crystals that players should go for. They should construct ledges to get to this crystal, then use any of their diamond tools to disassemble it. 

The players can just fire their arrows at the other crystals to destroy them.

Breathe fire on the platform’s centre. When he arrives, all he needs to do is leap over and start attacking the dragon’s tail. 

The players should finally exhaust all of the health by shooting arrows at the Dragon while it is in the air.

Incorporate these tips and you will be able to defeat the Ender Dragon with a little bit of effort and practice!

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