Minecraft Receives New Update That Fixes Long-Term Bug

Minecraft Update

Minecraft announced today that it has fixed a bug that has persisted in the game for a very long time.

The most recent update in Minecraft, called Snapshot, did not make any monumental changes to the game. 

It basically focused on smithing, squashing a few bugs and adjusting a few settings. Now, much to the joy of the fans, Minecraft claims that it has finally fixed a bug that has been present for 11 years.

MC-1133 is the name that is given to this bug that has been troubling players for so long in the Minecraft game

Minecraft MC-1133 Bug

Whenever a player’s Minecraft avatar approached an edge of a block too closely, a bug prevented them from hearing the footsteps.

Walking in this position did not produce any sound because the game would become confused about the avatar’s relative location and assume it was in the air rather than on solid ground.

This will no longer be the case. According to Mojang, with respect to MC-1133 “Whether or not a player experiences some effect is calculated based on the block under the center of the player.” 

Therefore, the footsteps will now be brought back. The patch notes add the following information in a little more detail:

Now every step you take on a block will play a sound. Before, if you were walking along a block’s edge with air or fluid next to it, it wasn’t the case.

A lower volume and pitch step sound will be produced when walking on the ocean floor for the block you are on.

A smithing template is no longer required in the template slot. The jukebox has been added to the Redstone Blocks creative page, among other modifications. 

The following comment concerning Adventure mode is also included. It reads: “Read the power signal of a Chiselled Bookshelf using a Comparator.”

This new update for fixing a long-standing bug will be much appreciated by Minecraft players.

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