Minecraft Guide To Breed Camels

Minecraft Camels

Two new mobs were introduced in Minecraft 1.20. Camels made an appearance in the Trails & Tales update, despite the sniffer capturing most of the spotlight. 

Camels may be bred like any other passive mobs and are particularly handy as transport. Furthermore, players have a significant edge against the majority of hostile mobs because of their height.

Even while camels lack the speed of horses and the ability to be saddled like horses, donkeys, or mules, they nonetheless provide a distinctive riding experience in Minecraft 1.20.

In particular, instead of the normal one player, the creatures may be ridden by up to two players when saddled.

The same method used to breed the majority of the game’s mobs may also be used to breed camels, but you will need a cactus to do so.

How to breed camels in Minecraft

You must first locate two Camels in the desert in order to breed them in Minecraft. Normally, they don’t run away, but once you have two, it’s a good idea to grab a lead and secure them to a fence or block them in.

Locate a cactus and feed one block to each camel once you have two. When hearts appear all around them, that’s when you’ll know they’re ready to breed. A small baby Camel will then arrive after that.

In Minecraft, the camels cannot be tamed. Rather, they are intended to be friendly mobs that are less likely to run when you wish to ride them.

In Minecraft, you can usually breed and tame the majority of the creatures. This isn’t the case, however, with the brand-new Minecraft 1.20 camel mob.

Although they are unquestionably friendly, you will need a lead to persuade them to follow you. 

Alternatively, you may ride them, much as you would a horse or donkey, by pressing the appropriate button while the camel is laying down and sitting on its back.

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