Minecraft 1.20 Teleport Command Guide


Minecraft offers players a variety of means to move around, including mounts, boats, and more. However, using the teleportation command is the fastest method to get across the game’s vast worlds. 

Players that have their cheats activated may type a few keys to be quickly transported to a certain place.

One of the easiest commands to master in Minecraft is teleportation, but it contains a few intricacies that let players customize their experience. 

The basic teleport command may generally be used by most players and will function as intended. For gamers who would want a little bit more control, there are extra inputs available.

Players may use the teleport command in the Minecraft game just like other commands by specifying the command, a destination, and a set of coordinates. 

How to use the teleport command in Minecraft

The teleport command’s basic syntax is “/tp [destination]”, which teleports the command’s executor to the specified set of coordinates. 

Nevertheless, players may expand this by adding targets to teleport to as well as many other factors when providing the command input.

One may direct certain individuals, groups, or all of the players in a world to the same location by adding a target designator at the end of the /tp command. The following are the target designators:

  • @p – Nearest player to where the command is executed.
  • @a – All players.
  • @s – Self.
  • @r – Random player.
  • @e – All entities, including mobs.
  • @c – Player’s agent mob in Minecraft: Education Edition
  • @v – All agents in Education Edition.
  • @initiator – Player who clicks the dialogue button of an NPC in Bedrock/Education Edition.

While the syntax of the teleport command in Minecraft does not enable users to target certain structures or biomes, it is nevertheless feasible to utilize it to locate any biome or structure that is required. 

Fans simply need to know the coordinates of the structure or biome in question to teleport there since the teleport command works with coordinates.

There is a command in Minecraft called /locate that gives players the location of the closest biome or construction. 

The find and teleport commands may be used to allow players to transport quickly to any location they choose.

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