Minecraft Guide To Find Ancient City

Minecraft Ancient City

An Ancient City is one of the most intriguing things you may encounter in Minecraft. Ancient cities are one sort of construction that develops in the Deep Dark. 

However, an Ancient City won’t be present in every Deep Dark biome since they are quite rare.

Even though they are rare, the Ancient Cities are home to a variety of unique items, making it worthwhile to seek one down and take on the difficulty of finding it.

Players that thoroughly investigate these enigmatic sites, which are unlike any other structures in the Minecraft game, will be rewarded with chests that hold special treasures that aren’t found anywhere else.

However, you must first find an Ancient City since they might be difficult to spot before you can travel through one.

The Eyes of Ender may be used to identify other rare structures that have unique maps leading to them, but there is no easy method to find an Ancient City in-game.

It does make discovering the structures more challenging since they are so rare because there are no Ancient City maps available for people to utilise in Minecraft. 

However, there are a few measures you can do to find the locations. Keep reading to find out how.


How to find an Ancient City

Minecraft players will need to dig their way down first since Ancient Cities are situated in the Deep Dark Biome in Minecraft and will often appear below Y-40 to Y-50.

Choose a spot in the Overworld, then carefully dig deeper until you reach the Deep Dark Biome.

The Deep Dark biome is distinguished by its deep undergrounds, complete lack of natural lighting, and predominance of sculk blocks. The only biome in Minecraft where Ancient Cities may generate is this one.

You will know you have arrived in the biome and, with any luck, an Ancient City may be there once you start seeing Sculk Blocks and other Sculk objects.

When you locate a Deep Dark biome, take precautions. Activating a Sculk Shrieker anyplace in the Deep Dark will summon a Warden, so be mindful of your sounds and stay far away from any Sculk Sensors or Shriekers. 

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