Minecraft Legends To Be Brought To Playstation Plus

Minecraft Legends

On April 2, 2024, about a year after its debut, the action-strategy game Minecraft Legends will be available on PlayStation Plus. This comes after Mojang Studios made the declaration back in January that multiplayer would continue to function but that new downloadable material and game modes will no longer get support.

As part of April’s monthly game rotation, players with a PlayStation Plus membership that costs at least $9.99 or the equivalent each month can play Minecraft Legends starting on April 2, 2024, and continuing until May 6, 2024. 

The release of Minecraft Legends on PlayStation Plus will provide gamers a fantastic opportunity to test the game out with pals, but it also portends a bad finish for the once-promising action strategy game. 

Minecraft Legends

Perhaps as a result of the game’s poor player base and reception, Mojang said less than a year after its release that it would no longer be creating new content for it.

While most review sites found Minecraft Legends to be amusing, it doesn’t seem like the new game modes and content have kept a large portion of the player population interested.

Legends’ player base significantly declined in the months following its 2023 release; depending on the platform, there are now just an average of a few dozen active players in the game.

Though the story, co-op, and PvP modes may have attracted gamers at first, it appears that Minecraft Legends’ features weren’t sufficient to keep them coming back. 

Mojang probably hoped for an ongoing appeal, but even the regular Lost Legends challenges, which introduced new gameplay mechanics, didn’t seem to deliver.

This strategy game may still be enjoyable to play alone or with others, even if it probably won’t have a large community in the future. 

Even though there isn’t much new content, gamers may still get excited as they defeat hordes of piglins or engage in PvP combat with other players.

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