Minecraft New Shear Brilliance Advancement Guide

Minecraft 1.21

The upcoming minor release of Minecraft, 1.20.5, is really bringing a good amount of material with it. This contains significant additions like the new wolf armor in Minecraft, along with armadillos and a number of new innovations to assist users learn how these new elements work together.

Shear Brilliance is one of these upgrades, requiring players to use shears to cut off a wolf’s armor. Even while the advancement is quite straightforward, setting things up for it might be difficult.

Finding the Shear Brilliance upgrade in Minecraft requires you to first unlock an adorably cute new armadillo. 

They may be bred to develop spider eyes, and they reproduce in tiny groups. This should indicate that it’s really simple to create an armadillo farm.

Minecraft New Shear Brilliance Advancement

This is fortunate since it will be necessary to establish a small armadillo farm in order to obtain the scutes needed to make and maintain the wolf armor required for the progression. 

These farms only need to be modest enclosures around by fences; they don’t need to be really unique.

You can create wolf armor after you collect six armadillo scutes, which are obtained randomly, much like chicken eggs drop, or by brushing armadillos using a brush that was added in 1.20 along with Minecraft’s archeology. The crafting recipe has a harness-like form.

Finding and taming a wolf is the next stage after making the wolf armor. Only fully grown, tamed wolves are eligible to wear wolf armor, thus bones are required. 

This stage shouldn’t take too long because there are a lot of biomes where wolves spawn thanks to the several new wolf types that were added to Minecraft in version 1.20.5.

As previously stated, obtaining the Shear Brilliance upgrade is actually quite simple. Simply equip a tamed wolf with wolf armor, and then find or make a pair of shears. 

Just use the shears in hand to interact with the armored pet. The progress will also explode along with the wolf armor, causing it to pop off the ground.

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