Minecraft Poisonous Potato Snapshot Released: Check Details & Guide

Minecraft Poisonous Potato

With the release of the “Potato” snapshot, which brings a ton of new features and items to the game, Mojang Studios startled fans. There are plenty of activities and things to discover in the latest version of Minecraft, which has made the wait until version 1.21 easier. 

Nobody anticipated to discover a whole new dimension in the game with five distinct biomes and even a boss monster, even though Mojang Studios has always contributed something fresh and original to the game every April Fools Day. Here’s how to go to the Minecraft Poison Potato dimension.

Rivaling the fletching table for the title of most worthless item in the game was the Poisonous Potato. 

It now has a dimension, though. Mojang Studios has a great sense of humor. Everything in the overworld will continue to function normally as the most recent snapshot introduces the new Potato dimension to Minecraft.

Similar to the nether portal for the nether and the end portal for the final city, you must construct a unique portal in order to enter the Poisonous Potato reality. Thankfully, obtaining the goods for the gateway does not require extensive grinding.

Minecraft Poisonous Potato 

According to the snapshot, each participant must begin the game with a bonus chest containing the poisonous potato. 

After obtaining it, all you have to do is locate a pedestal in a village that spontaneously appears. 

It only takes a right-click to access the Poisonous Potato dimension after you locate the pedestal.

Approach the pedestal and, with a Poison Potato in your hand, do a right-click on it. The portal will be created as a result. Enter and investigate the deadly realm of potatoes.

Something difficult is in store for the players, aside from delving into the silliness of the world with its five distinct potato-inspired biomes, creatures, and even new gadgets like the potato peeler to take out the mobs and the lashing potato that functions as a grappling hook.

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