New Call Of Duty Game NX1 Leaks: All You Need to Know

Call of Duty NX1

Within the Call of Duty community, leaked details and footage pertaining to a delayed Call of Duty game dubbed “Future Warfare” or “NX1” for the Xbox 360 have gone viral. The gameplay video is similar to that of the Call of Duty series’ popular games, Modern Warfare 2 and 3.

Fans of Call of Duty are intrigued by two videos that have been shared in recent posts on X, which appear to be related to this alleged game. According to the leaked material, the game would have been set in a futuristic world.

Call of Duty NX1

A two-minute leaked clip of NX1 showing people in space suits being targeted outside a lunar base in a low-gravity setting was uploaded by X user @mangafigurines on January 27. 

The character in the video penetrates the base successfully, but soon after, there is another attack that seriously damages the building.

The initial post was tweeted by user @catgurlfriend, who also shared some NX1 video footage. A desert village in disrepair appears to be one of the game’s maps in the multiplayer mode. 

The player makes use of a more fascinating futuristic weapon that resembles a DMR and two Glock 18 pistols.

Call of Duty enthusiasts were originally perplexed by the leaked film, but developer Brian Bright of Neversoft subsequently verified that it was, in fact, an unfinished CoD project.

Activision had given Neversoft the go-ahead to develop a Call of Duty game, which they dubbed Future Warfare, or NX1, Bright clarified. The game, which was reportedly scheduled for release in 2013, was eventually scrapped by Activision in favor of Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghosts, despite the developer’s best efforts.

The protagonist had the same name as the main character in the game, Walker, and the UI colors were strikingly similar to those in Call of Duty: Ghosts. A weapon known as the NX-1 Disruptor was also included in the published game, indicating a link between the two games.

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