New “Jiggle Wiggle” BGMI Campaign Released: Check Details


In association with JUNGLE, a Mumbai-based production company, Battleground Mobile India (BGMI), the Indian version of the well-known battle royale game PUBG Mobile, is getting ready to release a special promotional video. 

JUNGLE’s “Jiggle Wiggle,” which is centered around the mysterious gamer “Babubhai,” seeks to integrate gaming with Indian pop culture.


According to the press release, they are attempting to use Babubhai’s distinctive dance, the “Jiggle Wiggle,” to win over Indians. 

It focuses on the entire lifetime of the “Jiggle Wiggle” craze. It is from its origins in the game to its viral social media spread that brought together marketers, dancers, rappers, gamers, and athletes.

BGMI Jiggle Wiggle Campaign

One of the most beloved BR titles has been incorporated into Indian culture, as seen in the most recent “Jiggle Wiggle” campaign from Battlegrounds Mobile India. The feature film connects everything, from the urban streets to the rural landscapes, at the same frequency as indie pop culture.

It makes the claim that it effectively conveys the spirit of the game. Additionally, it also conveys its impact on young people in India, and its part in influencing national trends. 

Popular gamers, celebrities, dancers, and other well-known names worked incredibly hard to make “Jiggle Wiggle,” which is the film.

Before the release of the film, the in-game advertising teases the engaging community by covering many touchpoints. 

Babubhai’s persona has been subtly introduced into several dialogues throughout the Battle Royale game’s environments.

Babubhai’s Easter egg hunts have effectively created a great deal of conjecture and excitement in the region. 

The ad has effectively reflected the modern Indian cultural experience, thanks to the creative partnership between JUNGLE and Krafton India.

This 220-second video pays tribute to the Indian people and takes viewers on an exciting adventure.

The 360-degree strategy of the campaign effectively integrated a variety of elements. It integrates “Jiggle Wiggle” into many areas of Battlegrounds Mobile India’s universe. This is from in-game advertising to the event center and various music tracks, producing an in-game event spectacle.

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