PUBG Mobile 2.7: How To Summon Shenron & Complete New Dragon Ball Trial Challenge

PUBG Mobile x Dragon Ball

PUBG Mobile players with a winning streak in the new themed mode may unlock the Dragon Ball Trial, a unique challenge. 

It acknowledges their skill and effort, which ups the challenge and thrill level. Players go on an epic quest to gather the seven scattered Dragon Balls after accepting the Dragon Ball Trial.

The Dragon Ball Trial is unique from every other challenge since in this mode, opponents are informed of the locations of the individuals chosen for a trial team. 

As teams battle to get the Dragon Balls and protect the sacred shrine, this discovery leads to intense fights among them. 

The already intense action of PUBG Mobile gains a huge new layer of competitiveness thanks to this new feature.

How to participate in the Dragon Ball Trial Challenge

In order to find the Dragon Balls, teams must travel over the expansive landscape in search of them. 

Players must, however, keep an eye out for attempts by other teams to obstruct their progress and take the Dragon Balls for themselves.

Once the trial team has successfully collected all seven Dragon Balls, they must defend the sacred altar against other players who want to disrupt their progress. 

The altar becomes the centre of fighting as rival teams gather there with the joint objective of obtaining the Dragon Balls.

Players must effectively use their skills and weapons to use a variety of strategies to ward off enemies and protect the altar at all costs. 

Communication and cooperation become essential since even the smallest defence flaw might cost you valuable Dragon Balls.

The trial team that has successfully safeguarded the altar can summon the dragon Shenron. The Dragon Ball Trial reaches its pinnacle at this stunning moment. 

The trial team has the option to wish, which will provide them special benefits that will greatly help them in future PUBG Mobile battles.

There are several methods to use Shenron’s requests, including greater armour, stronger weapons, better health restoration, and even improving Kamehameha. 

The trial team’s selected wishes have the power to significantly tip the odds in their favour and provide them an edge over their rivals in PUBG Mobile.

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