PUBG Mobile: 5 Things To Know Before Your First Match

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile can be quite easy to pick up when you begin, but difficult to master. The developers of the game have ensured that the game is enjoyable even for casual players.

However, there are certain tips that you should keep in mind that can make your first game in PUBG Mobile a smooth sail.

Here are 5 tips to know before your first PUBG Mobile match.

1. Practice makes perfect

Remember that you will not be able to be good at the game immediately when you begin. PUBG Mobile is a game that requires immense practice and good knowledge about the game.

As time progresses, you will only keep getting better and better.

2. Use the mini-map

Players of battle royale games often scan the in-game maps for information on safe areas, local sites of interest, etc., but PUBG Mobile goes above and beyond with its minimap. 

Without having to stop the action, it will let you know where you are, but it will also provide you two important details that you should pay close attention to.

The Safe Zone’s location, and a little arrow that will appear on the mini-map when an enemy comes your way, indicating in the general direction of their footsteps, are given on the mini-map. 

By using this knowledge, you may prevent an enemy from having the upper hand.

3. Use the auto settings

You may enable Auto-Run and Auto-Pickup options in PUBG Mobile if you’re going to persevere with the touchscreen. 

In this approach, the game will take care of picking up items for you, saving you the trouble of pressing and holding a second button to spring or tapping the screen.

The Auto-Pickup tool is one that we really appreciate for use later in a battle since it automatically optimises your loadout. 

This is particularly useful after you take out another player since Auto-Pickup will go through everything they left behind and offer you just what you truly need.

4. Always stay in the safe zone, avoid the red zone

The two zones to keep an eye out for in PUBG Mobile are the safe zone and the red zone.

Both have timers that you can check to see how much time you have left to either move into the zone or to keep out of it.

5. Survival is key

Remember that PUBG Mobile is primarily a survival game. The last man standing is the winner. Thus, choose your battles wisely, only those that you know you can win.

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