PUBG Mobile Line Friends Dragon Brown Set Guide

PUBG Mobile

On February 2, 2024 (UTC+0), Tencent Games launched the PUBG Mobile Line Friends event, which is the result of the two franchises working together. Two sub-events make up the event, which runs until March 3, 2024: the Line Friends Prize Path and the Hola Buddy Lucky Spin. 

Numerous novel items, like the Dragon Brown set, a new Campanion and its outfit, and many more, are available on both.

If you can afford to spend some UCs, the PUBG Mobile Line Friends events provide a variety of plushie-themed products in its Lucky Spin and Prize Path that make for great charming souvenirs.

Hola Buddy Lucky Spin

This crate includes a plush companion named Line Friends Buddy Sally, which resembles a yellow duck, as well as its clothing and several emotes. In addition, the crate contains two legendary sets: the Line Friends Coco Dress and the Line Friends Leonard Raincoat. Finally, there’s also an adorable Line Friends Sally backpack.

PUBG Mobile Line Friends Prize Path

In contrast to the Hola Buddy Lucky crate, mission completion is required to unlock items in the Prize Path event. But to take part in it, you need to gather 600 UCs, and when you do, you’ll receive the first two things in the event’s reward track. Furthermore, you can use 3800 UCs to instantly complete this prize path.

The items available in the Line Friends Prize Path are listed below:

  • Line Friends Dragon Brown Set
  • Line Friends Dragon Brown Headcover
  • Line Friends Pan
  • Line Friends Dragon Cony Set
  • Line Friends Dragon Cony Headcover
  • Upgradable Line Friends Lovey Dovey 2-Seat Motorcycle.

In addition to all of this content, the PUBG Mobile and Line Friends partnership offers a variety of goodies at the in-game Event Shop that can only be bought with UCs. These things are:

  • Line Friends Brown Helmet: Costs 600 UCs
  • Line Friends Plane Finish: Costs 900 UCs
  • A Glide Crate that offers Line Friends Glider: Costs 20 UCs.

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