PUBG Mobile Lion Buddy Companion Released: Check Details

PUBG Mobile Lion Buddy

The first-ever PUBG Mobile Lion Buddy companion has been made available by Tencent Games in the brand-new Hola Buddy crate. For those who don’t know, the game’s developer includes virtual animals that you may bring into battle. 

But rather than helping you in any way, this buddy follows you throughout the game to provide your gaming a more visually pleasing experience.

These companions are available for purchase at events or in Hola Buddy crates, such as the one that is now in operation. 

If you have the means to spend your Unknown Cash (UCs) on an in-game item, you might want to get the PUBG Mobile companion, Lion Buddy. 

PUBG Mobile Lion Buddy

Starting on March 29, 2024, the new Hola Buddy crate will be accessible until May 12, 2024. It provides the legendary Fiery Beast Buddy set and the PUBG Mobile Lion Buddy companion. 

In addition, players can get the legendary Auric Guardian outfit, helmet skins, bag, and cover. Finally, the crate provides low-end items and in-crate tokens.

You have to complete crate opens, which cost UCs, in order to obtain these exclusives. Every opening is similar to a spin and awards a crate item upon completion of a predetermined number of UCs.

Each draw costs 10 UCs in the beginning and 30 UCs sfter this. Ten spins can also be drawn simultaneously, and they are valued at a reduced cost of 270 UCs.

In the event that your UC storage runs out and you are unable to get the item you want, you have the option to buy it using in-crate tokens from the Redeem portion of the crate.

In terms of in-crate tokens, these are the pricing of the crate exclusives:

  • Lion Buddy companion: 200 tokens
  • Fiery Beast Buddy set: 1000 tokens
  • Auric Guardian set: 550 tokens
  • Auric Guardian cover: 250 tokens
  • Auric Guardian backpack: 180 tokens
  • Auric Guardian helmet: 180 tokens

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