PUBG Mobile Royale Pass A1 Released: Details, Rewards, And More

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass

The PUBG Mobile Royale Pass A1 is the first Royale Pass with 100 levels after the M series came to a close. 

It became accessible on May 21 along with the 2.6 update. For 720 UC (Elite Pass) or 1920 UC (Elite Pass Plus), players may acquire the Royale Pass A1. This will be for a two-month period. 

New outfits, armor skins for weapons and vehicles, emotes, and other goods are available as rewards with the Royale Pass A1. 

Rewards from the Royale Pass A1 include new costumes, weapon skins, vehicle skins, emotes, and other items. 

By completing tasks and leveling up their Royale Pass, players may get these rewards. A permanent outfit and a weapon skin are among the extra benefits offered by the Elite Pass Plus version.

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass A1 Rewards

Some of the main rewards of the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass A1 are as follows:

  • The Royale Pass A1 comes with a number of new outfits. This includes a bag, a parachute, and separate costumes for men and women.
  • A number of new weapon skins are included in The Royale Pass A1. This includes the M416 skin, the SCAR-L skin, and the Kar98K skin.
  • The PUBG Mobile Royale Pass A1 comes with a number of brand-new car skins, such as the UAZ, Dacia, and Buggy skins.
  • It also introduces a number of new emotes, including the dance, taunt, and win emotes.
  • The Royale Pass A1 offers a number of additional benefits, including a title, a spray, and a nameplate.

The PUBG Mobile Royale Pass A1 is a fantastic method to get access to exclusive prizes and display your gaming flair. 

The Royale Pass A1 is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a method to enhance your games and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Completing missions is the best method to receive rewards from the Royale Pass. Every day and every week, missions are accessible, and they may be completed by playing games, eliminating enemies, and utilizing certain equipment.

Upgrade your Royale Pass level to get extra rewards. By completing missions and winning games, you may level up.

The Royale Pass Elite Pass Plus version offers extra perks including a permanent outfit and weapon skin. 

The Elite Pass Plus is a wise purchase if you want to use the Royale Pass to gain rewards.

The PUBG Mobile Royale Pass A1 offers a number of fantastic benefits that you may get with a little work. 

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