Revenant Esports Triumph In India Circuit, Qualify For The Brawl Stars Championship 2023 

Revenant Esports

Revenant Esports has time and again proved that they have the prowess to put Indian eSports on the international stage and be a pioneer in the niche.

Now, by being the first Indian team to qualify for the Brawl Stars Championship (BSC) 2023 Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ), Revenant Esports have written history.

Revenant Esports will go to the LAN competition in an effort to qualify for the Brawl Stars World Finals in 2023. 

The squad has recently dominated the Brawl Stars scene in India, winning the majority of the monthly finals for the Brawl Stars Championship India.

Hero-x, Ashmit “Sergeant Clash” Raj Singh, Prashant “Trashant” Malik, and Jerome “Response” Kuek Jiaen make up the Revenant Esports Brawl Stars roster. 

Revenant Esports Qualify for The Brawl Stars Championship

Since February, the team has guided the group through a number of monthly qualifiers. The group also triumphed in the monthly qualifiers held in February, March, April, and July. 

They have qualified for the Brawl Stars Championship LCQ, which will be later this year, thanks to their performance. The location of the LAN event is yet unknown.

Revenant Esports will represent India on the international arena and compete for a $750,000 prize fund and the global champion title at the Brawl Stars World Finals 2023 if they are successful in the LCQ.

Sergeant Clash shared his comments about this monumental victory by stating, “Making it to the Brawl Stars Championship 2023 LCQ is a big goal that we have managed to achieve – but our work only starts here.”

He added. “We have trained tirelessly to build our dominance in the Indian scene, but it’s now time for us to focus on defeating global teams. We are here to seize this opportunity and will be giving our best for a shot at the title and making all our Indian fans proud.”

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