Snapdragon Free Fire Mobile Masters 2024 Winners, Results, Rankings

Free Fire

At the Snapdragon Free Fire Mobile Masters 2024 in Sõ£o Paulo, Brazil, Reverse Red came out on top. The Thai team scored 221 points, with 127 points coming from kills. From the beginning, the group did an amazing job, winning four Booyahs. 

They received a $60,000 cash prize from ESL. The competition, which included 12 teams, was held on April 13 and 14.

Brazil’s Fluxo team finished second with 166 points and 86 kills. The side that the fans preferred won second prize of $30,000. They were consistent both days. The Free Fire Esports World Cup 2024 will provide a slot for the top two performances.

Third place went to RRQ Kazu of Indonesia, who scored 152 points and two Booyahs. 

The team missed out on World Cup qualification by 14 points. They did, however, display captivating abilities and left the Masters with a $22,000 cash award.

Snapdragon Free Fire Mobile Masters 2024 

A total of $200,000 in prizes was split among the 12 competing teams:

  • Reverse Red – $60,000
  • Fluxo – $30,000
  • RRQ Kazu – $22,000
  • LOUD – $17,000
  • JV Esports – $14,000
  • CGGG – $12,000
  • Team Solid – $10,000
  • Indostars – $9,000
  • Buriram United Esports – $8,000
  • – $7,000
  • Alfa 34 – $6,000
  • INTZ – $5,000

With 149 points, LOUD from Brazil took the fourth spot. Cauan7, their player, finished as the Masters’ Most Valuable Player (MVP) with 47 kills, 33 assists, and 27,602 damage. The stellar lineup took home $17,000 in cash.

JV Esports had a score of 145, while CGGG received a score of 125. In the Free Fire Mobile Masters, both Thai clubs delivered unimpressive performances. 

With a total of 115 points, Brazilian team Solid ranked seventh overall. With 111 points at the end, including 55 eliminations, Indostars finished eighth.

A strong Free Fire lineup, Thai Club Buriram United Esports, struggled in the Masters, finishing ninth with 110 points. The team’s season got off to a terrible start as they only managed 14 points in their first four games. 

They made progress on Day 2 and moved up to the ninth position overall on the rankings.

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