Stalwart Esports Talks About Reasons For Disbanding PUBG Roster

PUBG Mobile

The primary causes behind the abrupt departure of its PUBG Mobile Mongolian roster were disclosed by Stalwart Esports on January 23, 2024. 

The players on the team shocked everyone a few days earlier when they declared themselves free agents. Under the name of the organization, the team has accomplished several noteworthy accomplishments over the past 2.5 years.

Their shocking exit from the company came as a surprise to many, even though they placed second in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2023.

On January 21, 2024, the players declared their departure from Stalwart Esports. They praised the group and the supporters for their help over the previous several years. 

They went on to say that they were searching for a fresh group of players that had the same morals and goals as them.

Stalwarts Esports PUBG Roster

The PUBG Mobile roster’s contracts were not renewed, according to a statement from Stalwart Esports, despite the company’s best attempts to meet and above industry norms for monetary remuneration. They stated:

“The players were given the option to opt out of the renewal clause which they denied and rather expressed their interest in the renewal with Stalwart Esports until the expiry of the contract i-e 1st January, 2024. 

“Unexpectedly in less than 24 hours of the expiry, the Coach refused to renew with us. This sudden shift put us in a challenging position, necessitating last-minute adjustments and causing both financial and Reputational damage to our organisation,” they added.

The players’ announcement of their departure coincided with ongoing legal conversations between them and the organization, according to Stalwart Esports. 

It also said that until the conflict was settled in court, the players shouldn’t have made any public statements:

“This compelled us to issue a clarification statement on the same to avoid any confusions and to alarm other esports clubs exploring possible acquisitions, that it should be done at their own risk and cost, on account of the fact that the matter is pending before the courts for adjudication and we shall seek no responsibility for any loss or damages caused to any Esports clubs that may occur due to the court’s judgement.”

The participants were then wished well for their future undertakings by Stalwart Esports. Additionally, the business promised to promptly give all details pertaining to the legal procedures.

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