Top 5 Best Minecraft Servers To Try Out


Public servers in Minecraft provide a large range of game types in addition to the social component that comes with online multiplayer. 

Some of these modes may not be accessible via hosted private servers or single-player variants.

If you are seeking the best Minecraft servers to try out, we have curated a list of the top 5 best ones for you.

1. Hypixel


Players will always have something entertaining to do on this server since it has some of the biggest and highest-quality games of any public server.

SkyBlock, BedWars, and SkyWars are some of the most popular games on this server. Players that want diversity and thrilling game experiences might choose Hypixel. 

Hypixel offers everything, including weekly tournaments, often updated new material, and an infinite amount of things to attempt. 

2. MineHeroes

Java Server Address:

Bedrock Server Address:

One of the rare servers that supports both the Bedrock and Java versions of the game is MineHeroes. 

The frequently published original Minecraft maps are this server’s main feature; each one astounds gamers. 

Beyond those locations, there are a variety of game types available, such as prison and survival.

3. TheArchon 


Skyblock, Factions, and other well-known worlds are present on TheArchon, but the server is recommended to join if you want to play Minecraft PvP (player vs player). 

Within seconds of joining the server, you may be prepared to face any challenge. 

Players that are seeking multiplayer activity are highly encouraged to use it since it is extremely simple to build and set up.

4. Mineplex

Java Server Address:

Bedrock Server Address:

One of the most well-liked online servers for Java and Minecraft Bedrock is Mineplex. 

There are plenty of games to select from and there are always enough gamers online. Sky-wars, survival games, cake wars, and even construction games are available. 

5. Pixelmoncraft


The Pixelmoncraft server allows users to catch Pokemon within the blocky environment in yet another great fusion of two gaming behemoths, Pokemon and Minecraft. 

Players may explore the world of the renowned anime, which includes Pokemon centres, Gym trainers, Pokemon goods, and more, with the opportunity to collect, train, and fight with Pokemon.

To become the best trainer, players must see whether they can capture every Pokemon and fill up the Pokedex, much as in the original television series.

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