Top 5 Landing Spots In Livik in PUBG Mobile

Livik PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has always been one of the first mobile gaming pioneers, constantly updating itself to the gaming world’s feedback and suggestions.

Livik was introduced in PUBG Mobile with the 0.19.0 update for mobile gameplay. From snowy terrains, green fields, and waterfalls it is a visually stunning representation of the Nordic region.

It is also the second smallest map accessible in PUBG Mobile with a size of 2*2 km.

The map is presented in the classic mode section yet the games usually last under 15 minutes and allow a maximum of 52 players.

This makes the games extremely compact and competitive with speed being a matter of essence and a player’s drop zone playing a huge impact on the result.

The best places to land on Livik in PUBG Mobile are as follows:

1. Power Plant 

It’s the prime location to get high-tier loot under one roof. This location in PUBG Mobile’s Livik is predominantly a single large dome structure with ample cover within the power plant and open fields surrounding it.

If a player can land swiftly and collect the best loot – it is easier to control that zone from the enemies and is a highly rewarding experience.

2. Hot Springs 

This is located at the North Eastern edge of the Livik map in PUBG Mobile with the hot springs being the highlight.

The most interesting aspect of the hot pools in the game – they provide a natural healing ability when a player stays in them and it gradually increases their health bar as long as they stay in it. 

The terrain is also steep enabling players to have a zonal advantage if they choose to land on the hilltop with access to loot and counter-firing from a higher altitude.

A player could also detour to the hot springs when short on medical supplies but being in the open would make one vulnerable to being easily picked off.

3. Iceborg

Iceborg is a small town on the northeastern side of the Livik Map in PUBG Mobile. It is primarily a snowy terrain with a multitude of small buildings and a massive church embarking right in the middle of the location.

The church provides decent loot and a 360-degree view to be alarmed of enemy movements.

However, the loot is much better in the peripheral buildings surrounding the church. It also acts as a great cover to gain territory.

4. Waterfall

It is one of the most catchy and scintillating places to visit on the Livik Map in PUBG Mobile. It is primarily a three-level waterfall located in the southwestern region of the map.

Jet skis are available for players to use: enabling them to make jumps from the top of the waterfall. The region behind the waterfall crucially also has great loot to offer.

5. Midstein

This is the prime example of a map location in PUBG Mobile that follows the high risk – high reward principle.

A small town with several buildings in its vicinity – it is yet an open area with a level playing field. 

It provides one of the best loots of the map and if a player is able to control the zone – they would begin the game with a major competitive advantage.

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