Top 5 Tips For Solo v. Squad Matches In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

Gaining control of PUBG Mobile’s Solo vs. Squad mode can be an exciting yet challenging experience. 

Playing against teams as a solo player requires flexibility and smart thinking. Regardless of your level of experience, the five essential tips listed below will guide you through and help you succeed in this demanding gaming style.

1. Landing further from the flight path

In PUBG Mobile solo vs squad encounters, pick a suitable landing spot far from the center of the flight path to avoid early collisions. 

You should constantly go for areas with high loot but less enemies. Give priority to necessities like guns, ammo, and healing supplies. Proceed cautiously, being aware of any possible dangers.

2. Map awareness

In PUBG Mobile, staying alive versus teams requires accurate placement and map understanding.

Stay out of open combat, especially with big groups of people, and use the surroundings to your advantage to be stealthy and surprise. 

To prevent yourself from becoming an easy target, move from cover to cover and interrupt the line of sight using nearby structures, rocks, and trees.

Analyze the zone dynamics and map in PUBG Mobile to predict the areas where the play area will be decreased to. To reduce the likelihood of being caught by the dwindling blue zone, try to locate yourself as close to the center of the safe zone as possible.

3. Wait for the squad to engage

Playing teams by yourself in PUBG Mobile requires a methodical strategy. Instead of going up against entire squads head-on, choose your moments to fight, wait for them to engage in combat, and then take advantage of their weakness to eliminate survivors.

Use tactical gear and explosives in PUBG Mobile to disrupt their location and force them out of their cover.

4. Carry weapons with high damage

In PUBG Mobile, it’s imperative to tactically equip oneself. Select weapons like assault rifles and sniper rifles that have a high damage output and are versatile. 

Make sure you have enough ammo on hand, and give medical supplies first priority. Compensators and sights are two attachments that can significantly increase your combat effectiveness.

5. Put on level 3 armor

Fighting against a squad in PUBG Mobile can inflict injury to a great extent. It is always advantageous to have a Level 3 backpack, vest, and helmet on hand in such circumstances.

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