Top 5 Weapons In Free Fire In 2024

Free Fire

One of the numerous reasons for the popularity of the Free Fire game is the wide variety of weaponry that the game offers for players to try.

This makes the game more interesting and ensures that there is something for each playing style. While the best gun in the game depends on a variety of factors such as playing style and preference, there are few weapons that stand out from the rest.

Here are the top 5 weapons in Free Fire as of 2024.

1. M14

Being an assault rifle that can handle a variety of range options with respectable handling and recoil makes this weapon one of the most versatile in the Free Fire game.

But the M14 really excels when it comes to its metrics. With the longest range of any assault rifle in Free Fire, its 15-round magazine may need to be reloaded several times. 

But when necessary, it may serve as a handy replacement for a sniper. When combined with its rate of fire, the M14 may also be a reliable ally in firefights.

2. AWM

With accuracy, damage, and range all surpassing ninety, the AWM is the best sniper rifle available in Free Fire. 

The AWM is designed for gamers that want to camp out and play in a more passive manner. With this weapon, you can damage opponents at an incredible range. 

3. MP40

The MP40 has the lowest rate of recoil among SMGs in Free Fire. It does, however, have the class’s quickest movement speed, which may be rather helpful when there are a lot of foes around you. 

The MP40, with its 83-shot rate, is an ideal weapon for those who are confident in their shooting skills. 

The rifle is a superb option for novices in Free Fire because of its moderate recoil and steady, quick shots.

4. M82B

With its high damage of 165, the weapon can easily one-hit the majority of opponents who are out of cover and out of sight while moving about in Free Fire. 

Though it can also penetrate through a lot of armor, cause more damage to vehicles, and even rip through Gloo walls, the M82B really excels when it comes to its high penetration stat. 

Gamers who like to swiftly destroy opponent fortifications in Free Fire might want to give the M82B a try.

5. AK47

When handled correctly, the AK47 can destroy whole Free Fire teams. The weapon may be made into one of the greatest assault rifles for mid-range battles by adding the appropriate accessories. 

The AK-47 deals great damage up close, but vertical recoil is a trade-off. The weapon will surprise you with its spread damage when you are unexpectedly faced with many adversaries at close range.

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