Warhammer 40K x Modern Warfare 3 Details, Release Date

Modern Warfare 3

It is rumored that in one of the next seasons, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) and Warhammer 40K would have a significant crossover. 

This indicates that, in line with the addition of gameplay material that came about as a result of The Boys’ participation, the developers will launch special skin collections. Activision has yet to make a formal announcement on this.

The Warzone player base will also have access to the same cosmetics thanks to a new Modern Warfare 3 crossover. 

The community is excited about this development since one of the most widely-liked miniature war games is Warhammer 40K, which would go nicely with both the shooter aspect of Modern Warfare 3 and its battle royale counterpart.

Since the publisher hasn’t released any formal statements on this, the majority of the data is based on conjecture. But rather than being included in any other little fixes, a seasonal update would highlight such a massive effort. 

Warhammer 40K x Modern Warfare 3

The Warhammer 40K crossover in Modern Warfare 3 is anticipated by fans to debut as early as Season 2.

A number of data miners have discovered artwork and other references that suggest a potential partnership. However, given they are only leaks, they cannot be taken as concrete evidence of the forthcoming seasonal material.

There would apparently be three executions or takedown animations in the Warhammer crossover, according to a recent X post by @theofficecod. Based on whether the opponent operator is fallen, prone, or standing, players can execute three distinct finishing moves.

There appear to be two distinct finishers: one eliminates the operator with a robotic head, while the other does it with a sword. These are genuinely distinctive and will undoubtedly draw a sizable player base from both groups.

However, fans of the game will have to wait for an official announcement.

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