Warzone Battle Royale Preview Detailed Guide

Call of Duty Warzone

In Warzone Season 2, Call of Duty debuted a brand-new mode called Battle Royale Preview. Activision has been experimenting with the new Season to discover what works best for the community. 

The creators are using this new limited-time mode as a trial run to determine whether or not specific features will remain viable in the game going forward.

The official Call of Duty blog states that the Battle Royale Preview includes some elements of the classic battle royale experience. The developers plan to collect feedback and data, then use that information to create specific changes in the future.

Because of technical issues, this mode was meant to be included in the Warzone Season 1 update, but it was delayed. However, users can now finally access it and enjoy the new features Activision has introduced to Warzone.

Warzone Battle Royale Preview

The Covert Exfil is one of the all-new features in Warzone’s Battle Royale Preview. Players have the option to call an Exfil and finish the match without attempting to win the battle royale while still in play.

But bear in mind that until the Gulag closes, players will only be able to purchase five Covert Exfils from the Buy Stations in Warzone. In-game currency for each Exfil token will also cost $30,000. 

Therefore, calling an Exfil is not so simple. 

In addition, players will be warned of any enemy players nearby during the Exfil, making it a challenging yet rewarding activity.

Warzone’s limited-time mode also introduces a brand-new feature known as the Weapon Case. Random spawning will occur for these Weapons Cases, and the first person to claim one will be noted on the Tac Map for all other players to see. 

Remember that there are large rewards associated with the Weapon Cases as well. Still, there’s a good amount of risk. Your primary objective is to win the match the old-fashioned way or to finish an Exfil while acquiring the Weapon Case.

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