India have found their very own “AB de Villiers” Ahead Of the T20 World Cup

Suryakumar Yadav Yadav can is the new AB de Villiers in the making for Team India

Suryakumar Yadav is turning out to be a mind-blowing factor in Indian batting. He’s been performing well and bashing the doors of the T20 World Cup. With the majestic innings that he played against Sri Lanka in 1st T20I, he becomes a strong option in the middle order. Or, he can be considered as Mr 360 of Indian cricket.

Well, Mr 360 is a big name. We all know what AB de Villiers can do. The way he plays the shots scores mind-blowing sixes are loved by fans. Just think a player who can make a Yorker ball travel 100+ M can do whatever. Looking at Yadav, we can probably say that he’s turning out to be the AB de Villiers. The reason why we’re saying this is mentioned below.

1. He has the ability to handle pressure and play an important knock.

Looking at SKY’s performance, we can trust him in pressure games. He understands the game and bangs when the situation asks for. He scores important innings sometimes cameos and wins the matches. Same as AB used to do for South Africa and does for RCB.

2. Stable Middle Order

When SKY is in the middle order then much of the tension is over. Virat and Rohit at the top set the momentum and then Skyshots can give the finishing touches. This makes a perfect batting lineup. Also, if the team collapses he can firmly bat and score well to provide stability. His innings again against Sri Lanka in T20 and ODIs are proving.

3. Unpredictable Shots

As De Villiers shots are totally unpredictable, SKY’s shots too. He can smash the ball in many directions with ease and grace. His scoop shot in the first T20 against Sri Lanka is one the proves.

The right-handed batsman hit Jofra Archer for a `Nataraja` six and guided yorker-length serves to four simply by opening the face of the bat. It is its ability to target virtually all areas of the field. This incredible skill is what makes setting up a pitch so difficult for the opposition and a real boon for the Indian team.

4. Great Fielding Efforts

Being a young gun is one of the best qualities. Youngsters in Indian Cricket are very quick and remarkable in the field. SKY is one of them. However, we haven’t seen him taking a superman catch like AB De Villiers but, he’s going well. We can rely on his fielding efforts and style.

The Mumbai-born batsman even was selected for the first time in the Indian national team and participated in the T20I series against England. His batting style attracted thousands or even hundreds of thousands or more fans.

With skills such as AB de Villiers, Suryakumar Yadav conquered Indian cricket. None of the shots in the cricket book are in his arsenal. In fact, this 30-year-old player is a perfect combination of an old school cricket player mentality and modern T20 batter skills. Suryakumar Yadav may have won his debut later in his career, but he seems destined to exist for a long time.

Jasvinder Singh
I am Jasvinder Singh, a content specialist editor at Kheltalk, who is a sports enthusiast. I try to cover every cricket game being played on the planet. For me, sports is not limited to just writing but also playing it on the field as well.
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