TCA Looks To Expose Mohammad Azharuddin For Having Involvement In The Infamous Betting Scandal

TCA Looks To Expose Mohammad Azharuddin For Having Involvement In The Infamous Betting Scandal

Mohammad Azharuddin has amassed 6215 runs in Tests and 9378 runs in ODIs
Mohammad Azharuddin

Mohammad Azharuddin, the former Indian skipper is once again brought under the scanner by TCA. The latter looks stern to expose the former Indian skipper for having involvement in the infamous betting scandal back in 2000. And, BCCI also imposed a lifetime ban on the right-handed batsman.

But, he got relief from the Andhra Pradesh court as they scrapped the ban due to no evidence available against the then skipper of India. However, now once again the betting scandal can be opened as TCA wants to reopen the case. It seems that the upcoming days for the former Indian cricketer are going to be tough looking forward to the statements from the TCA committee member.

TCA Committee Members Looks Stern To Expose Mohammad Azharuddin

Mohammad Azharuddin was reckoned as one of the best batsmen in Indian cricket history. But, his career was cut-short after news emerged that he was involved in a betting scandal. He arrived in international cricket with a bang on performance. The former player slammed three consecutive centuries in red-ball cricket in his first three games.

He could have been the best ever batsman played for Team India in ODIs and Test. But his cricket career came to a halt after the reports emerged that he was involved in a match-fixing scandal. Later things got bad to worse for Azharuddin after tainted cricketer Hansie Cronje accepted that the former made him met bookies. Soon after that BCCI imposed a ban on the star cricketer.

He fought case for many years in court and finally got relief after Andhra Pradesh scrapped the lifetime ban imposed on the dashing cricketer.

Y. Laxminarayana and D. Guruva Reddy, president and secretary of TCA revealed that they will soon send a delegation to meet Amit Shah in order to discuss the aforementioned case. Even they also threatened the former Indian cricketer of revealing the current wrongdoings in Hyderabad Cricket Association.

Guruva Reddy said that the former player never got a clean chit from any of the courts for not having involvement in betting. Also, he added that nobody has challenged the decision-related in the high court.

“Azharuddin has never been acquitted of any of the charges relating to betting by any court in the country. The HC order remained unchallenged. We will also urge the BCCI to renew the legal battle against Azhar,” Guruva Reddy said.

What CBI Reports Says?

On the other hand, CBI reports also state that Azhar had accepted during the investigation that Ajay Gupta and others approached him on several occasions in order to fix the games. Also, he had accepted that Indian cricketers Ajay Jadeja and Nayan Mongia had received cash from one of the bookies for fixing the game between India and Pakistan that was played back in 1999.

“On further questioning, he (Azhar) accepted that Ajay Gupta and his associates had approached him some time to fix matches. Azhar says he does not remember how much money he had received from them. The Pepsi Cup match between India and Pakistan at Jaipur in 1999 was fixed through them. Jadeja and Nayan Mongia were also involved with him in the deal. He was paid around `10 lakh after that match by some unknown person on behalf of the Guptas. Azhar admitted that Ameesh Gupta had given him a mobile phone, number 98111-50860, through which he used to contact him during matches,” the CBI report states.

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