Floyd Mayweather Net Worth 2021: Income, Endorsements, Cars, Wages, Property, Affairs, Family

Mayweather was charged with 2 counts of violence and one count of offense battery. He received a six-month suspended sentence and 2 days of confinement and was ordered to perform forty-eight hours of community service.
NameFloyd Joy Mayweather Jr.
BornGrand Rapids, Michigan
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Net Worth$450 Million
Source of IncomePro Boxing

People usually get the status of “celebrity” by becoming famous for his/her work. The world of sports also gave us a lot of people who are famous for their work in their respective sports whether it’s football, baseball, basketball, combat sports, etc. But there are some people who cross the level of “celebrity” and become icons by not only being the best in the sport but also revolutionizing the sport and creating a new blueprint for a way of thinking for other young people of the sport.

As other sports like Basketball, Football, Soccer, MMA, Racing have people like Michael Jordan, Aaron Rodgers, Lionel Messi, Connor McGregor, Lewis Hamilton, the sport of Boxing has Floyd Mayweather Jr.

25 years of greatness in the sport by the son of Michigan in this sport as once the “pretty boy” was totally running all over multiple divisions and achieving a record that is still unreachable to this day. 50 wins, no losses, 27 knockouts, wins in 5 different divisions, and 25 times being a champion. Comparisons for this man are almost none as he has established himself as TBE (”The Best Ever”).

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

The tag of the richest boxer of all time to Floyd is legitimate as his net worth speaks for himself. $450 Million is the amount that is the proof of the tag. His work and earnings in pro boxing and his business endeavors and his promotion have become a prominent source of money.

His exhibition fight with Logan Paul pit $35 Million in his pocket alone.

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Floyd Mayweather Residential Profile

Floyd’s primary residence since 2018 is an associate 11-bedroom made-to-order mansion in the city that spans twenty-two,000 square feet. He bought the house for $10 million. He additionally owns a thirteen,000 square-foot mansion in Vegas that was his primary residence from 2010 till 2018. This house was purchased by Floyd for $9.5 Million.

In 2017 he spent $25.5 million on a metropolis mansion. He additionally spent $500,000 on home furnishings for this property at the time of the shut. This house encompasses a candy look, 12-seat movie show, and 300-bottle wine space.

He owns associate housing in big apple town, the Mayweather Boxing Club in Vegas, and a strip club in Vegas known as lady assortment.

In August, Floyd paid $18 million for the subsequent city district mansion on Miami’s Palm Island.

In 2014 Floyd created a considerable investment to become a partner within the realty development firm terrorist organization inexperienced. the terrorist organization Green’s business executive, brandy Holliday, declared Floyd’s investment in December 2014. As of this writing, Floyd owns a minority stake in 9 skyscrapers within u. s.. one in all those skyscrapers is One Commodore Vanderbilt, the tallest industrial building within the U.S.

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Floyd Mayweather Personal Information

NameFloyd Mayweather Jr.
Birth PlaceGrand Rapids, Michigan
Birth DateFebruary 24th 1977
NIcknamesPretty Boy TBE Money
EducationOttowa Hills High School
Father’s NameFloyd Mayweather Sr.
Mother’s NameDeborah Sinclair
Martial StatusSingle (Allegedly in a relationship)
Height5’ 8”
Weight68 Kg’s
ProfessionPro Boxer, Boxing Promoter

Family Life

Floyd Mayweather was born on February 24th, 1977 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., was conjointly an expert boxer World Health Organization most magnificently fought Sugar Ray writer. Floyd Jr.’s uncles Jeff and Roger are former skilled boxers. Floyd Sr. and Roger have at numerous times served jointly of Floyd’s trainers.

As a kid, Floyd’s mother was passionate about medication and his father was somewhat absent. His father primarily hung out with a young Floyd once he was the right age to travel to the boxing gymnasium. once his father was sent to jail, Floyd was affected in together with his grandmother. throughout now, Floyd devoted himself to boxing. He was born out of high school and has become an associate degree amateur.

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Relationship Status

Floyd Mayweather had a relationship with yank Reality TV Contestant true heath Dixon for a few time. He dated yank thespian, Josie Harris for fourteen years. The couple was engaged for two years. They got along in might 1993 and got engaged in the Gregorian calendar month 2005.

They later separated in the Gregorian calendar month 1999. they need 3 kids from this relationship Koraun Zion and one in every one of the women — Jirah. The 3 kids were born on the nineteenth Gregorian calendar month 1999, twenty-eighth March 2001, and twentieth June 2003.

Floyd then dated Melissa Brim for 2 years. They were during a relationship from July 1998 to August 2000. Then, he was in a relationship with yank Model, Shantel Jackson for eight years. The combine got engaged for three years. They dated for four years once obtaining along in 2006.

They were engaged in the Gregorian calendar month 2010 however later separated in April 2014. throughout 2008, he had a fling with yank Singer, Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas. They dated for three months from Gregorian calendar month to might 2008. He was then during a seven months relationship with yank Singer Keyshia Cole from the twenty-fifth Gregorian calendar month to the Gregorian calendar month 2008.

Floyd dated yank Reality TV Contestant, aristocrat Love for 2 years from 2012 to might 2014. He was then during a nine months relationship with Doralie Medina from April 2014 to 2015. Floyd is presently geological dating five ladies. they’re Aileen Gisselle, Rmarni Eliss, Bad Medina, Jamie Lynn, and Yaya. he’s additionally believed to be during a relationship with another woman named Abi Clarke.

NameFloyd Mayweather Jr.
Spouse’s NameN/A
No. Of relationships8
No. Of Children4 (2 Daughters and 2 Sons)
Current GirlfriendDoralie Medina
Name of #1 ChildIyanna Mayweather
Name of #2 ChildKoraun Mayweather
Name of #3 ChildZion Mayweather
Name of #4 ChildJirah Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Car Collection

Floyd owns dozens of high-finish cars. He once told AN ESPN querier that he has a $15 million price of luxury cars sitting in his garage that have not been driven. Over the last 20 years, Floyd has bought quite a hundred cars from Towbin Motorcars in Las Vegas.

He reportedly pays for his cars in money. a number of his most notable automobile assets embrace a $5 million Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, a $3.5 million Bugatti Chiron, 3 $2 million Bugatti Veyrons, a Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse, a $1.4 million Pagani Huayra, and an edition LaFerrari Aperta that is price north of $1 million. this is often simply a sample of his unimaginable assortment. Floyd owns more Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Rolls Royces, Mercedes, and additional.

Floyd reportedly owns sixteen Rolls Royces.

At one purpose all the cars he owned and unbroken at one mansion were white and every one the cars he unbroken at his alternative mansion were black.

CarPrice (USD)
Koenigsegg CCRX Trevita$5 Million
Bugatti Chiron$3.5 Million
Bugatti Veyron$2 Million
Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse$2.2 Million
Pagani Huayra$1.4 Million
LaFerrari Aperta$1 Million
16 Rolls RoycesN/A

*NOTE:- The unspecified prices are the reason for the specification of models of the cars and the only known information about these cars is the quantity possessed by Floyd.*

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Floyd Mayweather Social Media Appearance

Even though Floyd is not a person know for using much of his social media, he has a huge fan following on all of the platforms he is on because of his amazing career in boxing and his personality being shown on social media. He also promotes his business endeavors and he also promotes his fighters working under his company called Mayweather Promotions.

Twitter7.8 Million
Instagram27.5 Million
Facebook15 Million

Floyd Mayweather Career Statistics

Total Fights50
Total Wins50
Total Losses0
Total Draws0
Total No Contests + Not Scored0
Wins By KO27
Wins By DQ0
Wins By Decision23
Losses By KO0
Losses By Decision0
Losses By DQ0
Total Championships25
Total WBC Belts14
Total WBA Belts3
Total WBO Belts1
Total IBA Belts1
Total IBF Belts1
Total IBO Belts1
Total The Ring Belts4
Knockouts under 1-3 Rounds11
Knockouts under 4-8 Rounds10
Knockouts under 9-12 Rounds6

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Boxing PPV Record (Since 2005)

DateFightPPV Buys
6/25/05Gatti vs Mayweather340,000
4/08/06Mayweather vs Judah374,000
11/4/06Mayweather vs Baldomir325,000
5/5/07De La Hoya vs Mayweather2,400,000
12/8/07Mayweather vs Hatton2,070,000
9/19/09Mayweather vs Márquez1,100,000
5/01/10Mayweather vs Mosley1,400,000
9/17/11Mayweather vs Ortiz1,250,000
5/5/12Mayweather vs Cotto1,500,000
5/4/13Mayweather vs Guerrero1,000,000
9/14/13Mayweather vs Canelo2,200,000
5/3/14Mayweather vs Maidana900,000
9/13/14Mayweather vs Maidana II925,000
5/2/15Mayweather vs Pacquiao5,542,000
9/12/15Mayweather vs Berto400,000
8/26/17Mayweather vs McGregor5,307,000
6/6/21Mayweather vs Paul1,000,000

Floyd Mayweather Career Accomplishments

  • WBC Super Feather Champion
  • WBC Lightweight Champion
  • WBC Super Lightweight Champion
  • IBF Welterweight Champion
  • 2x WBC Welterweight Champion
  • WBA (Super) Welterweight Champion
  • WBO Welterweight Champion
  • 2x WBC Light Middleweight Champion
  • WBA (Super) Light Middleweight Champion
  • IBO Welterweight Champion
  • IBA Welterweight Champion
  • The Ring Lightweight Champion
  • 2x The Ring Welterweight Champion
  • The Ring Light Middleweight Champion
  • WBC All Africa Champion
  • WBC Emeritus Light Middleweight Champion
  • WBC Diamond Light Middleweight Champion
  • WBC 24K Gold Champion
  • WBC Supreme Champion
  • WBC Emerald Champion
  • WBA Man of Triumph Gold Champion
  • WBC Money Champion

Floyd Mayweather Controversies

  • In 2002, Mayweather was charged with 2 counts of violence and one count of offense battery. He received a six-month suspended sentence and 2 days of confinement and was ordered to perform forty eight hours of community service.
  • In 2004, Mayweather was given a annual suspended jail sentence, ordered to endure counselling for “impulse control” and pay a $1,000 fine (or perform a hundred hours of community service) when being guilty of 2 counts of misdemeanour battery against 2 girls.
  • In 2005, Mayweather pleaded no contest to a crime battery charge when hit and kicking a chucker-out, receiving a 90-day suspended jail sentence.
  • In might 2015, following his bout against Pacquiao, Josie Harris sued Mayweather for $20 million for defamation, claiming that Mayweather song throughout AN interview with Katie Couric in Apr. throughout that interview, he referred to as her a drug offender whereas discussing the 2010 domestic-violence incident that complete up with Mayweather attending to jail for 2 months. The case remains unfinished as of Sept 19, 2017.

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Floyd Mayweather Unknown Facts

  • Before 2006, Floyd was under the promotion Top Rank under Bob Arum. As 2006 hit, Floyd left the promotion to create his own promotion called Mayweather Promotions.
  • There is a fact regarding Floyd that he retired 4 times (2008, 2015, 2017, 2021, 2022)
  • He won Bronze medal in 1996 olympics.
  • He had a little run in WWE in 2008. He had a No DQ match with Big Show at WrestleMania XXIV which he won.

FAQ’s about Floyd Mayweather

Q- What is the real name of Floyd Mayweather?

Floyd Joy Sinclair

Q- What is the record of Mayweather in Pro Boxing?

50-0 (27 KO’s)

Q- How many divisions did Floyd fight in?

5 Divisions (Super Featherweight, Lightweight, Light Welterweight, Light Middleweight)

Q- What stance did Floyd fight with?


Q- What is the net worth of Floyd Mayweather?

$450 Million

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