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Who is Shotzi Blackheart and What is her net worth?

Name Ashley Louise Urbanski 
Age 29
Occupation Professional Wrestler 
Shotzi Blackheart Net worth $1.5 million 
Last Updated January 2022
Salary $120,000

Ashley Louise Urbanski is an American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, where she performs on the SmackDown brand under the ring name Shotzi Blackheart. He is 29 years old and still very new to the women’s division in WWE.

She has enjoyed big success in a short span of time and is becoming a crowd favorite. However, she started as Heel at WWE main roster but her charismatic performances and personality have helped to win the audience. She is touted to take over the Women’s division and become champion in the coming future.

Ashley was born in the San Francisco Bay Area suburb of Santa Clara County, California, on March 14, 1992. She is of Filipino and Polish descent and had no links to the wrestling business. She was in gymnastics in school and was very attracted to dramatic society as well. In this article, we will tell you about Ashely’s journey in professional wrestling and her net worth.

Shotzi Blackheart Net worth 

Shotzi Blackheart earns mostly from her wrestling career in WWE Smackdown which is around $120,000. She also makes money from her social media presence on Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Shotzi Blackheart’s net worth is around $1.5 million.

Shotzi Blackheart Early Career and WWE

Shotzi started her journey in Wrestling World in 2014 and appeared in many independent circuits of California. She also appeared for Impact Wrestling in 2018 but in 2019, he signed for WWE through personal scouting by William Regal.

Although Shotzi has been in the WWE since 2015 where she was supposed to appear at Tough Enough but couldn’t due to her failed Medical test. She made her debut at NXT in 2019 and made her main roster debut in 2021 at Smackdown in July. 

Shotzi Blackheart Personal info and Wrestling info

Real NameAshley Louise Urbanski 
NicknameShotzi Blackheart
ProfessionProfessional Wrestler 
Language KnownEnglish, Polis
Date Of BirthMarch 14, 1992
Age (as in 2022)29 Years
BirthplaceCalifornia, US
Height 5’6
Weight 57 KG
Professional Wrestling Debut 2014
WWE Debut 2019 NXT
Main Roster Debut July 2021
Current WWE BrandSmackdown 
Division Woman Tag-Team

The Story of her Gimmick 

Most pro wrestlers choose to use stage names when they become real pro wrestlers in the industry. There are many exceptions to this rule like the famous Randy Ortan, John Cena, and more. The same thing applies to Shotzi as her real name is Ashley Urbanski. As the current Smackdown star is of Polish and Filipino descent the name Shotzi Blackheart looks more attractive.  

Her green Debut

Most of the pro wrestlers we watch today came from a small platform. Most of the wrestlers usually start out working for small.  Blackheart started back in 2014, wrestling for Hoodslam Oakland, California. She made her first fight and her debut under the name Miss Highassh**, as a cheerleader valet for Hoodslam stable, Stoner U. 

Her Stint as Pizza cat

While working on the independent wrestling scene, the wrestlers try out different characters which are mostly casual and relatable. Shotzi also tried the characters by playing as a pizza cat while in her independent wrestling career. 

The crowd often saw her turning up on the stage to the ring with a pizza cutter while her ring gear would always have some form of pizza-related nod, which helped her gimmick to be a really funny and relatable one. 

Impact Wrestling Stint

When it comes to Shotzi, people might think that she is working in only WWE for her life but that’s not the truth. Shotzi has also worked in Impact wrestling for a period of time before working in WWE. 

Controversial Public contract offer

Usually, the WWE contracts are signed in private because of all the paperwork and stuff, but not in the case of Shotzi. That’s because William Regal made a surprise appearance at Evolve 137 to speak with Shotzi. 

He came out and shocked Shotzi and the whole crowd while he offered an NXT contract to Shotzi. 

Shotzi’s Podcast

Her channel’s name is Monster Candy podcast. She co-hosts this podcast which takes a glimpse at everything which goes on in the horror world because Shotzi loves horror. 

Reason behind Shotzi’s failure at ‘Tough Enough’ of WWE in 2015

Shotzi was actually going to be a contestant on Tough Enough but WWE officials wouldn’t let her in because of her medical conditions. Her doctor told her that she was having irregular heartbeats due to which she cannot perform excessive activities. 

Shotzi Blackheart Social Media appearance 

Shotzi has enjoyed a big fan following in a short span of time. She made her main roster Debut in 2021 only but was a big fan Favorite from her NXT days. She is a very famous personality in the wrestling circuit and is touted for great things in the Women’s division. Because of that her following is huge on both Instagram, Snapchat, and many other platforms.


Shotzi Blackheart Achievements 

  • AWS Women’s Championship 
  • EBPW Ladies Championship 
  • GRPW Lady Luck Championship 
  • Best Athlete in the East Bay Championship 
  • Intergalactic Tag Team Championship 
  • IWA Mid-South Women’s Championship 
  • NXT Women’s Tag team Championship 
  • NXT End Year Award 
  • Breakout star of the Year 2020

Unknown Facts about Shotzi Blackheart 

  • She loves horror movies and short stories.
  • She loves to podcast her stories.
  • Her favorite place to travel is Disney Land.
  • She is a good friend of Scarlett Bordeaux.
  • She failed WWE medical test in 2015
  • She once had ring name “Jack Ryan’s Penis”
  • She is single
  • She is one of few women Wrestlers to have stint with both Impact wrestling and WWE
  • She was in gymnastics in high school 

FAQs about Shotzi smoke?

Q. Does Shotzi smoke?


Q. Is Shotzi an alcoholic? 

No, she is not an alcoholic.

Q. What is her favorite hobby?

She loves to watch horror documentaries. 

Q. Is Shotzi Lesbian?


Q. Is Shotzi committed?


Q. Is Shotzi in the Women Tag Team Division?


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