Top 40 PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks to Get that Delicious Chicken Dinner!

Top 40 PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks to Get that Delicious Chicken Dinner!

Ever since its launch for mobile devices in 2018, PUBG Mobile has emerged as the center stage of the gaming ecosystem. The maverick game has seen more than 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store. However, other than offering a user with fun, it can also be said that PUBG Mobile is not an easy game that anyone can just play! Many players try their hands playing PUBG Mobile, and if you are a beginner, we have got some PUBG tips to help you win that Chicken Dinner.

You have 1 out of 100 chance of earning the Chicken Dinner, but our PUBG tips and tricks can help you turn the tide in your favor. PUBG is a game that requires both skill and a little bit of luck. We cannot help you with the luck side of things but our PUBG mobile tips can be really useful to improve your gaming skills.

Here you’ll find much of everything which will brighten your survival chances. But just like you can imagine with a Battle-Royale, and since numbers keep falling, it could be anyone’s game.

Go through this extensive guide of Pubg tricks and give yourself the best shot at the success and at least avoid the awful feeling of being the first lamb to the slaughter!  

Top 22 PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks

1) Land in a less popular area

Parachute in a less popular area

When you begin playing PUBG Mobile, the first couple of seconds in the game are incredibly vital and where you are about to land provides you with a massive leg up. Our Tip is to try & stay away from the high traffic area if you are a new player. It is also not smart to land on a large cluster of buildings. Instead, the best thing will be going a bit beyond and try to land in a less popular area. You will still be able to get the vital loot and guns, and it will be dead easy to keep off others. It will be suggested to get started with places such as Mylta and Gatka.

2) Avoid making the First Contact in beginning

After you land, one of the mistakes that you may make is engaging in combat earlier. If you hear someone else in the area of your landing, you should go in another direction. Why? It is because their chances of possessing a weapon are much higher.

Watch out for enemies at all time

3) Watch out for enemies at all times

While exploring a new area, you must keep your eyes wide open to notice signs of activities. If you move into a building with its doors wide open and the ammo is gone, it means that someone has been there earlier. They may not be there anymore, but it is good to proceed slow and steady. Also, you should ensure closing the doors while hiding in a building or after looting. In turn, it provides you with an advantage and makes surprise kills easier.

4) Don’t underestimate the importance of the Shotgun

Don’t underestimate the importance of the Shotgun

Shotgun, at the first look, might not look to you being the best weapon. But it is one if you are involved in close-range combat, particularly in the beginning. You may mostly raid areas and chase others in the starting, and it is where the Shotgun will help you out.    

5) Keep Switching the armor

The armor in PUBG Mobile goes off as and when you are involved in a battle. Thus, it is good to change it once it has finished. It is fine even when you have to switch from a lower level to a higher level shield as the protection is what that you get matters.

6) Play Smart

The best tip for PUBG is to play smartly. It is suggested never to play too fast and avoid rushing into a battle. You should do everything with planning after taking your time. You should go all out only when you have the right weapons.

7) Get your preferred weapon and stick to it

You will need the correct set of weapons in your arsenal when you are playing PUBG Mobile to win. You may come to know which weapons you are most comfortable with. In every game, try to find your favorite gun, and once you have it try sticking with it even when you have to drop an advanced weapon in exchange for it.

8) Try to use a scope

Try to use a scope

Chasing the correct attachment is vital after you have acquired the right gun. A nice scope can be a very useful attachment on the battlefield. Getting a 6x or 8x scope will do wonders on your sniper.

9) Go zigzag in a combat

When you are under fire, you should not run in a straight line as you may be killed easily. Instead, running zigzag or in a haphazard style may help you avoid being dead soon.

 10) Don’t lie down while being sniped

If someone is sniping at you from a distance, your first reaction may be lying down on the ground. It is a mistake as the sniper has already recognized you and may have a nice point of vantage. If you continue to lie down on the ground, then they may only have to lower their aim and shoot you so quickly.

 11) Play barefoot for Stealth mode

Boots are bound to make a lot of noise, and it is better to go barefoot if you are nearing the game’s end and wish to play stealthily.

 12) Wait for the right moment

You must not keep shooting now and then without purpose. You are doing nothing but giving others a chance to hunt you down while you begin reloading. Hence, you should wait for the perfect moment and then pull the trigger.

 13) Take care when you are in the Red Zone

If you are playing in a Team, there may be one person who will keep on exploring until the time runs out. Don’t try being that guy! Hence, you should be super-mindful of the Red Zone and be in a safe zone with time on your time than running crazily at the end.

 14) Make use of the edge of the Blue Circle

The edge of the Blue Circle is a nice place to be as you are in a safe zone. You may also take advantage of targeting other players who are rushing to keep off the storm.

 15) Run without the weapon

If you run away from the combat area or running towards a safe zone, then you should keep off your weapons. Why? It will lead to an increase in your running speed.   

 16) Make the use of vehicles smartly

If you use a car at the start, then it can be extremely useful. Yes, it is a fast mode to go to the safe zone and an amazing method to knock out players quickly. But it may become a burden when you inch closer to the inner circle, making your enemies spotting you easily.

17) Keep switching between modes

It is now possible to switch between the first and third-person view on PUBG Mobile. Before you start the game, touch the ‘Game Mode’ button and switch between First-Person and Third-Person Perspective.

18) Supply drops may not be worth taking the trouble

Supply drops may not be worth taking the trouble

If you see balloon dropping with all the loot, you may like to run towards it in the first place. Don’t do that as they may not be worth it. You should not be the first person going towards the loot as you may end up being dead in no time. The best thing is staying in the loot area and checking out who goes to get it and kill them later and loot the loot from them.

 19) PUBG Mobile’s beauty lies with friends

The PUBG online gameplay can be nice, but the real fun is when you play it with your friends. Hence, it is good to go playing with a friend or a group. Sitting with 3-4 friends and playing is the best way to enjoy the game. Not only it makes you feel great, but even boosts your chances of winning. Playing against 99 others may be asking for too much. But a Team of 3-4 helping each other increases your chances to enjoy the Chicken Dinner together.

Always communicate when you play in a Team

20) Always communicate when you play in a Team

It can be tough to communicate if you are not playing with a friend sitting next to you. Playing with online players can make it even harder to communicate. Thus, when you play PUBG Mobile in a Team, the first thing is establishing robust communication within. You can enable voice chat to do that as well. Your aim should be that every Team member lands in the same area, share the loot and assist in combating and healing each other. This is among most important PUBG mobile tips.

21) Watch the Yellow Bar

You should watch your Yellow Bar after you have got your basic health full. The Yellow Bar lets you heal, aim superiorly and sprint faster. You should have the energy drink to fill your Yellow Bar.

 22) Patience is the key

Patience is the key, and it is the best PUBG Mobile playing tip that you can get on any platform. You should always breathe a little and take things slowly in your stride. No matter if you are not a seasoned PUBG Mobile player, going slow and steady may have a remarkable effect on the overall game. But it does not mean being too cautioned and staying in your comfort zone always and not moving ahead.       

Technical PUBG Mobile Tricks

Here are some technical PUBG Mobile Tips, that you can follow and make changes in your game. These tricks will help you play the game more efficiently!

Make the use of Gyroscope to aim precisely

PUBG Mobile brings you the unique ability to use the Gyroscope of your smartphone to aim. It can be an amazing thing while aiming at others. It can also be used when you are scoped in as you can be in a position to move your mobile phone. This way, you can aim at your enemies instead of touching and dragging on the screen. You will need to go to settings and then basic to start enabling Gyroscope.

Check if the ‘Aim Assist’ is enabled

While playing PUBG Mobile, you should ensure if the ‘Aim Assist’ is on so that it becomes easier to aim. It is needed on a touchscreen mobile phone as aiming at such a device is not that precise when compared to doing that using a mouse. Getting a spot on aim can help you kill your enemies faster and can also assist in close-quarter gunfights.

Change the quality of Graphics

Changing the quality of Graphics in PUBG Mobile is possible as per your device that you are playing the game on. If you think that the game is lagging on an older Phone, try to reduce the Graphics’ quality for a smoother operation. You can utilize it at the maximum level if you are using a high-end phone. When you play PUBG Mobile while using the best Graphics, it does give you an edge as you can spot other players without difficulties. You can alter your performance by following the path Settings > Graphics.

Peek and Fire

You can enable Peek and Fire by using the path Settings > Basic. The feature enables you to peek the head from around the corner. You are able to take shots without exposing your entire body. But you ought to be careful as you will also end up having your head exposed.

PUBG Mobile Tips for the Final Zone

These PUBG mobile tips can be used during the final Zone when you are just steps away from winning that Glorious Chicken Dinner!

PUBG mobile tips - PUBG Mobile Tips for the Final Zone

1) Play on the edge

If you have 4x, or 8x scope, you can place yourself on the play zone’s edge where the Blue Circle will be in proximity to the white. It will let you have a complete view of the play zone while still being able to widely reducing the chances that an enemy may be on his way behind you.

2) Shoot to kill

If you have spotted someone and they have not seen you, then you should take the shot only if the kill is guaranteed or else you will end up losing your position. It is because you have already spotted them; you can take your time and have a perfect shot. Always aim for the head and continue shooting until you are sure that the player is dead.       

3) Don’t go all guns blazing

If you see only 2 people alive, stay hidden and let them battle it out, and then kill the left behind one player and move ahead.

Bonus PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

1) Use headphones to hear the footsteps of your enemies

Most of the shooter games such as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and others use directional audio that could be of much help to know about the locations of your enemies. The stereo speakers of your smartphones may be good, but using a headphone may help. It will not only help you hear distant gunshots but even the footsteps of an approaching enemy. This way, you will be prepared in advance and won’t be surprised if attacked.

2) Ensure to survive inside the Red Zone

The PUBG Map keeps marking random areas as Red Zones. If you are inside one of those, it is suggested to getting out of it at the earliest. If not, you may find yourself stuck in an airstrike that may kill you. But if you think it is not easier to get out of the place, then your best bet is hiding inside a building. This way, you may survive the Red Zone.

3) Use the Map

Use the Map

No matter if you are playing in Miramar or elsewhere, you must use the Map to become a good player. The Map keeps updating with new safe zones, including Red Zones and hence; keeping updated with it may assist you. The PUBG Mobile Map also lets you know the direction of gunshot, vehicles, and footsteps. In turn, it can help you in knowing whereabouts of your enemies whether they are approaching you or not.

4) Let Red Zones become your strategic buddy

It is not something that you will get to do frequently, but sometimes, you can make Red Zones your friend as well. You can start doing the following if you are inside a building and if it starts bombing:

  • Use noise to cover your steps and try acquiring any loot lying inside the premises.
  • You may see some players running, which can make it easier for you to target and kill. What’s more, if you are able to see a player, you can risk it by using the bombing noise’s cover to edge them without them being able to hear your footsteps over the uproar.  

5) Hide under vehicles

If you sit in the co-drivers seat of a vehicle, it can let you keep hiding inside without disturbing other players. They will see you, but only if you have parked your vehicle in the center of the desert, other than that there is no reason to worry. It is because most players may not suspect anyone to just sit in a car and not drive it.

6) Take a look around without making a move

It will be possible for you to hide behind corners and employ the ‘eye-button’ so that you can look around the corner without letting yourself get exposed. It is a smart trick to spot enemies without them spotting you.

7) Heal like a Pro

You are allowed to move for 0.5 seconds while you are healing without canceling your action. If you are in a hurry, you may start moving when your 0.5 seconds of the healing is left and give yourself a head start. This is among the most underrated PUBG mobile tips.

Heal like a Pro- PUBG mobile tips

8) Make the most of Painkillers and Energy Drinks

You should also use painkillers and energy drinks so that you are auto-healed and also acquire a speed boost. You can’t expect to be healed more than 75% while using equipment such as health packs and bandages and only med-kits can do it up to 100%, but it is rare. Painkillers and energy drinks may take time to heal you, but they will do that up to 100%, and hence; you should ensure using them.

9) Avoid sitting still at one place

Sitting idle for too long at a place will make it easier for a sniper to make you their easy picking. Always keep moving and take cover if you need to stop.

10) Avoid looting crates during the endgame

Looting crates is significant at the starting of the game when you have killed someone. But it should be avoided when the endgame is near and never in the last circle. You should call newbie players when someone dies. Why? Someone might be waiting to kill you when you approach the body.

11) Let some buttons go transparent

While playing PUBG Mobile on a gadget like the iPhone 6, it is smart to employ the Map’s additional space. You can go to settings and make some buttons transparent if you have build up a memory of some buttons. This way, it will enable you to look through and increase your visibility in the Pubg game.

So, what are you still waiting for? Why don’t you incorporate these discussed PUBG Mobile tips and tricks and make way for some Chicken Dinners right away? All the best!