5 Best BGMI Tips To Use Pistol Like A Pro In 2023

BGMI pistol

In BGMI, Pistol is among the last choices when it comes to picking a weapon to play with. The only time a pistol is used by players is when they are looking for an Assault Rifle or Sniper Rifle and haven’t gotten one yet.

Even for short distances, most players prefer to pick up shotguns, and pistols are often ignored. However, if you are stuck with a pistol and have to make do with it, do not worry.

A player who is good with his gunplay can navigate any situation, even with a pistol. Here are 5 tips to use a pistol like a pro in BGMI.

1. Use it only for short-range fights

If you try to attack your enemy from a long distance using a pistol, you will only be revealing your location to the enemy with no real damage inflicted upon him.

Instead, lure the enemy closer to you or get closer to him before you engage in combat. This is the only way you can make the most out of your pistol in BGMI.

2. Inflict more headshots

Albeit the damage pistols can give you in Battlegrounds Mobile India is low, if you aim for the head, you have a higher chance of obtaining that kill before your enemy finishes you in BGMI.

Although this holds true for any kind of weapon, for pistols in particular, make sure that you only inflict headshots for maximum output. 

3. Pick up the best pistol in BGMI

In BGMI, some pistols can give your better performances than others. For instance, the Desert Eagle is a good choice, providing damage on the higher end of the spectrum, whereas the P18C and P92 are lower. Choosing a pistol with a higher damage can give you that much-need edge.

4. Practice in the BGMI Arena

Playing in the Arena mode in BGMI is the best method to practice your gunplay and master it. We have all played the Gun Game in BGMI where we are forced to use pistols and have still managed to amass kills. Use these modes to hone your skills which will, in turn, help you in the classic mode as well.

5. Do not be in plain sight of your enemy

Considering that you probably have a lower-damage weapon than your enemy, it is important that you take adequate cover and have proper movement while shooting.

Else, it will be an easy task for the enemy to finish you, particularly if he has an AR or a sniper. If you are playing BGMI with your squad, do not move away from your squad. Ensure that your squad gives you the necessary cover and assistance.

Thus, do not fret if you have only a pistol and your enemy is approaching you. Incorporate these tips in your gameplay and you will be able to survive.

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