Arcane League Of Legends Season 2 Release Date Hints Dropped By Riot CEO

Arcane League Of Legends

Arcane League of Legends Season 2 won’t be released in 2023, according to an interview with Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent that was published on Bilibili. 

He did, however, reveal that he had already watched Episode 3 of the second season of Arcane League of Legends and that the show’s production has already begun. Read ahead to find out more details.

Arcane League of Legends Season 2

Arcane League of Legends is one of the several recent video game adaptations that demonstrate that tales with roots in the gaming industry can, be translated into excellent shows. 

It is a Netflix animated series and is set in Riot Games’ fictitious League of Legends setting. 

The show centres on two sisters named Vi (Hailee Steinfeld) and Jinx (Ella Purnell). They are caught up in a war between wealthy Piltover and its impoverished undercity Zaun. 

Given its popularity, it shouldn’t be shocking that people viewers are eagerly anticipating information on the premiere date for Arcane League of Legends Season 2. 

Although it has been confirmed to be in production, there hasn’t been any information on when it will be released.

Riot Games CEO on Release Date

Arcane League of Legends Season 2 won’t be released in 2023, according to Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent.

He also explained why it’s taking so long to develop a sequel in a recent interview with veteran LPL broadcaster Guan Ze Yuan.

Season 1’s conclusion made it obvious that Arcane League of Legends Season 2 was in the plans.

Soon after the premiere of the first season, it was announced that there will be a second season. 

The success of the first season had a significant impact on whether season 2 was even made.

Those who worked on the show didn’t anticipate it to have as wide a reach as it did. 

Riot Games CEO on Release Date
Riot Games CEO on Release Date

Laurent mentioned that they might have begun production much sooner if they had realised the show would be so successful.

On Bilibili, Laurent said, “I just watched the third episode of Season 2, before my flight to China. We’re making progress on it. It’s not ready yet. There are two reasons for that, you want the quality, we just don’t want to rush, and so that takes time, and that’s a good reason.

The bad reason is that, honestly, we didn’t know if Season 1 was going to be a success. So we didn’t start Season 2 until after. We didn’t know.

And so if I’d known [Arcane was going to be successful], we could have started Season 2 way earlier, but we didn’t know so we kind of waited a bit and so now we’re paying the price.”

The release date of Arcane League of Legends, thus, won’t be anytime soon. Fans can still breathe a sigh of relief as the production is well underway.

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